Dems Pickup Down to Yensen with 74,925 Votes In

The all-Republican McHenry County Board will certainly have Democrat Jack Franks as its Chairman, but at this point in the counting, only one Democrat will win a district seat.

She is Paula Yensen, who has served before and who is the wife of Democratic Party Chairman Mike Bissett.

The current results in her District 5 can be seen below:

Total 19,473


Dems Pickup Down to Yensen with 74,925 Votes In — 9 Comments

  1. What a terrible disappointment..

    Andrew Snarski is such a better choice as a professional and as a person.

    Anyone who has seen Paula in Board meetings count not have possibly voted for her.

    This is a wake up call for Republicans in our county to get stronger AND to weed out Democrats running as Republicans.

  2. Will the Grafton Township Republicans be discussing with Kearns who will replace him as Supervisor after Kearns is sworn in next month to the County Board?

  3. Can one simultaneously be an elected Township Supervisor and County Board Member?


    James Kearns is elected Supervisor of Grafton Township and yesterday was elected to the McHenry County Board District 6 as a Republican candidate.

  4. Yes.

    Ersel Schuster was both Seneca Township Supervisor and a member of the County Board.

  5. Agree ‘Supporter of Good Government on’.

    Andrew Snarski would have been my choice as well (because I value experienced leadership, lowering spending, and want a county board member who won’t be bought by unions and have to defer to another board member for answers and how to vote.)

    Yensen was the wrong choice.

    Can’t win them all, I suppose.

    Drain the local swamp!

  6. Kearns said he would give up his Supervisor position if elected to County Board.

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