Pittsburgh Voting Machines Defaulting to Clinton — 9 Comments

  1. Allegheny County officials claim the machines needed to be re-calibrated after transportation.


    Left unanswered is why the machines go out of calibration to the advantage of Hillary Clinton and not Donald Trump.

  2. There were problems in the primary election and there’s no incident tracking system.

  3. They are stealing this one just the same as they have been doing for decades.

    Only this one is S-O-O-O-O obvious with all the failures being reported.

    Open your eyes.


  4. Good point.

    On second thought would want to see the calibration instructions and look into that further before taking that explanation at face value.

    Not knowledgeable about voting machines.

  5. Calibration has nothing to do with touch screens.

    Calibration refers to analog machines.

    If it did, you ATM would switch everything you ever touched.

    Has that ever happened?

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