Jack Franks Cut 10 Amount Just Went Up

Note the continued use of the "Cut Property Taxes 10%" logo.

Note the use of the “Cut Property Taxes 10%” logo in this email.

For a moment let’s not stress that people voted for Democrat Jack Franks because they thought he was going to cut their real estate tax bill by 10%.

That certainly was the message merchandised on pretty much every piece of printed or emailed material Franks sent out.

Let’s concentrate on his diminished promise to cut the McHenry County government’s tax levy by 10%.

(If this were his goal, then why didn’t he make his slogan “Cut 1%?” After all the County tax levy is about 10% of the total tax levy and 10% of 10% is one percentage point.]

In any event, as a result of the Republicans on the County Board increasing the County levy from $76 million to over $79 million last night, to cut the County tax levy by 10%, Franks will have to find $7.9 million.


Jack Franks Cut 10 Amount Just Went Up — 5 Comments

  1. To answer your question…..

    because Jack Franks is a novice at math?

  2. How can we make Jack Franks a liar ?

    I know, raise taxes so he can’t get to his 10% cut.

    Our McHenry Republican Party at its finest.

    Then we can spin that Jacko lied and we can keep control in McHenry.


  3. The amount Franks has to cut is $7.9 million.

    Using last year’s levy, it would have been $7.6 million.

    So if the new Board members abate the $2.74 million that the old Board just passed, does Jack Franks get credit for doing so, even though he won’t have a vote on the Board?

  4. I can clearly see that the Board was more concerned about hurting Franks than the people of McHenry County.

    I don’t like Franks but what’s fair is fair.

  5. Jack Frank’s is a professional politician
    You can tell if he’s lion if his lips are moving!!
    He has his head so far up Michael Madison ass that when Michael Madison opens his mouth you can actually smell Jack Frank’s breath

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