McConchie on Automatic Voter Registration Bill

A press release from State Senator Dan McConchie:

McConchie: Automatic voter registration legislation is very problematic

Springfield, IL… State Senator Dan McConchie (R-Hawthorn Woods) says the automatic voter registration legislation that received enough votes in the Senate to override the Governor’s veto would create a situation where the government leads non-citizens to believe they are legally allowed to vote.

Under Senate Bill 250, a resident would automatically be registered to vote when applying for or renewing a state driver’s license or state ID. Sen. McConchie says a major problem with the bill is that is does not require the state to screen citizenship records before automatically registering an individual. Instead, the state is supposed to check eligibility after the person registers and remove those they find are not eligible.

Dan McConchie

Dan McConchie

“This legislation is very problematic,” said McConchie.

“Under this proposal, non-citizens will be automatically registered to vote and then perhaps later removed from the rolls. If a non-citizen is registered and the state fails to remove that person in a timely fashion, they will get a voter card in the mail and likely believe they can legally vote. And if they do vote, they will be committing a felony.

“This automatic registration proposal will create all sorts of havoc in an electoral system that many people already do not trust. There are ways to encourage participation in the electoral process, but this proposal is fatally flawed,” McConchie concluded.

Sen. McConchie voted against the veto override motion for Senate Bill 250. It passed the Illinois Senate on November 16 with a 38 to 18 vote and now heads to the House.


McConchie on Automatic Voter Registration Bill — 3 Comments

  1. That’s the point of it.

    It’s not a careless mistake.

    They want illegal immigrants to vote.

  2. WEll of course it will create chaos, that is what the Dems want it to do, so they can get in and continue to hand out free cheese to all..

    and always have the votes its hard to get the baby off of the TEET once they have been fed and don’t have to lift a finger to get that free cheese…

    its so obvious it stinks and should NEVER become Reality …

    listen up Chicago Mayor you won by a hang nail, next time you may not be so lucky !

    so just continue on the way your are dragging down the city and you will soon be a life long visitor with Blago…

    and friends…

    as that is the path you are headed towards, you may want to make this a 3rd world country but there are still some of us OLD SCHOOL peeps left alive here not gonna let it happen…

    we all know if you are voted out you are going down the convict path with the rest of them who have already… been dealt their fate.

  3. Automatic voter registration also protects incumbents and those with large bankrolls for campaigns.

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