Algonquin Township GOP Candidates

Here are the people who have filed to run in the Republican Primary Election for Algonquin Township office:


  • Charles A. Lutzow, Jr.
  • Ellen M. Brady (Mueller)

Highway Commissioner

  • Robert J. Miller
  • Andrew Gasser


  • Karen Lukasik
  • Melissa A. Sanchez-Fisher


  • Russell W. Cardelli
  • Terence Ferenc
  • Rachael Lawrence
  • Dan Shea
  • Melissa L. Victor
  • Scott Taillet
  • David Chapman


  • Richard Alexander


Algonquin Township GOP Candidates — 19 Comments

  1. Andrew, what are your qualifications to become Highway Commissioner?

  2. Nob, he’ll fire Bob Miller’s wife and two loser sons-in-law.

    That’s all the qualification he needs for my vote.

  3. So walking in cold turkey, not knowing anything about road maintenance, not knowing MFT funding, and messing up the excellent service to save me what Raw?

    As a Alg Twh resident who sticks his nose in Twh business, obverses employee performance, and also knows other gov agencies pay rates, the Miller family all earn their pay and are paid within the norm for their jobs especially if length of service/experience is factored in.

    Don’t take my word for that, form your own opinion.
    Research Open Books and compare apples to apples on wages, then go observe the work ethic yourself, seeing is believing.

    Granted the nepotism looks politically bad, but in this case is it hurting the tax payers of really oddly enough, benefiting us?

    I see it as a non issue as the Twh levy as also remained flat the last few years.

  4. Another note is that Andrew voted for the NDR program as a county board member, knowing not all the NDR in Alg Twh were in the program all ready, not over looking how that effects the other Twh’s.

    That change will cause either a higher levy to support the extra roads or a decrease in service for the roads already dedicated.

  5. Sorry to nitpick, but my name is spelled “Rachael Lawrence.”

  6. “So walking in cold turkey, not knowing anything about road maintenance, not knowing MFT funding, and messing up the excellent service to save me what Raw?”

    What excellent service? Algonquin Township maintains next to no roads.

    Sure, they offer lots of constituent services like the paint and electronics recycling, but it’s nothing more than Bread and Circuses.

  7. I find it fascinating how all the tax fighters are now vying for these high paying government jobs.

  8. Publius, if you know of a better maintained Twh let me know.
    Around 60 center line miles with more coming from the NDR program.

    About 100 center line miles if all become dedicated.

    Village of Cary has about the same mileage, with the same size crew but with more managers that only do paper work.

    Inish, interesting point.

    Rachael Lawrence, welcome to the ZOO!

  9. While you bitch about Township salaries (& hopefully do something about it by running for the office and refusing the salaries as per the example being set by the deplorable Trump) do not ignore Prevailing wages being extracted from the Illinois taxpayers!

    Those prevailing wages are, BTW, FULLY supported by the little liar, Jack Franks, who has now been given ‘a chance’ by some commenters on this blog.

    Why do you think the little liar received $1,000,000 from unions for his campaign war chest?

    Prevailing wage rate for a laborer (2015 rate because 2016 does not appear to be available yet):

    Regular per hour $39.20
    Health & Welfare $13.42
    Pension $11.28
    Training $0.50
    Per hour sum $64.40
    40 hour week $2,576.00
    Per year $133,952.00

    How many times did you hear any candidate running for State office declare they would work to eliminate Prevailing wage laws?

    Did you hear Althoff?






  10. Wait for it, there is a big storm about to occur over filing forms.

  11. Nob you are right!

    The Gas Bag (who is full of shit) doesn’t know anything about roads.

    What has he proven?

    I don’t care about all the things he did in the military or in DC.

    Can he patch a road?

    Can he communicate effectively in a snow storm?

    Can he provide a plan to sustain the roads going forward?

    Of course not.

    The Gas bag known as gasser only knows where the neext cheeseburger is coming from.

    I have heard the same thing Nob – Forms are all screwed up INCLUDING the Gas Bag that is also known as gasser.

    What a prick – he ruined it for his whole team.

    LOL What a looser.

  12. Hahah does Bob Miller ‘patch a road’?

    NO he doesn’t.

    To answer your questions, yes Gasser is very capable of doing all that’s necessary to become road commissioner.

    Miller didn’t know anything when he started.

    Anyone coming in can surely cut costs!

    End the Nepotism!

    Not use the township property for personal storage facility of friends’ RVs!

    Not use township equipment for his own personal use.

    The Millers need to retire.

    I will gladly help anyone running against incumbent fat-cat, Bob Miller!

  13. Bob , as an old timer from FRG I have watched that Township crew and used their services the accusations you make are baseless Miller was an employee for 20 years before he ran for Highway Commissioner he was very capable then and has the talent and skill obtained with 20 more years of experience as for your RV storage I drove through last night and observed only trailers marked with Scout troops numbers and Amvets and Vetrans group I speak for my friends and neighbors when I say that their organization is a model throughout the state.

  14. Thanks for the welcome, Nob. I’ve been watching for quite a while now and feel I’m ready to contribute to my township government.

    When I decided to run and collect signatures for Trustee, I had no idea Andrew Gasser was going to run and make for quite the exciting race for Highway Commissioner!

    I happen to live on one of those twsp-maintained roads, so it’s of high interest to me.

    While Bob Miller has extensive experience doing an excellent job, I question why his secretary wife earns nearly as much as he does.

    Then again, if the department does its duties within its budget, it’s only fair that excellent employees are paid commensurately.

    As for Andrew Gasser, I think anyone who assumes he is ignorant to the business of road management is grossly underestimating him.

    Yes, he lacks on the job experience, but don’t think for a second that he isn’t deeply researching every facet as we speak.

    He runs with good intentions, no doubt, but will it be enough to unseat Bob Miller, a man with decades of expertise and knowledge?

    The people of Algonquin township (and especially us unincorporated folks) will have quite the decision to make this February.

  15. Good luck to ya Rachael, and expect allot of rocks thrown your way also. Some people’s aim isn’t so good.

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