Sager Running for Woodstock Mayor Again

Brian Sager

Brian Sager

Contrary to previous rumors, Woodstock Mayor Brian Sager is running for re-election.

Also filing for the office, as of about one hour before the deadline for filing is Gregg Hansen.

Filing for the three City Council vacances are

  • Jim Prindiville
  • Micheal Turner, incumbent
  • Scott Gesssert
  • Gorden Tebo
  • Joseph Starzynski, incumbent


Sager Running for Woodstock Mayor Again — 12 Comments

  1. Remember this clown endorsed Hitlery.

    I wouldn’t trust him as far as I can throw him.

  2. Ughhhhhhhhhhh………I think I’m going to be sick!

    Wasn’t this wastrel outed for the libtard he is when he ‘resigned’ from the GOP because he said Trump was so homophobic he just couldn’t stand it and that he could no longer remain a precinct committeemen.

    Here’s my question to you Mayor Sager: I don’t like nepotism of any kind, and I’ll criticize heterosexuals, homosexuals and even asexuals for engaging in it!

    Now, tell the people the truth, Mr. Mayor: Is your same-sex partner on the Woodstock payroll?

    And if so, why?

  3. Is it true that Sager has declared Woodstock a sanctuary city ?

  4. Sager is the logical end-product of a political system that has degenerated into identity politics and anti-Christian agitprop

  5. I’m glad to see Scott Gessert is running for a spot again.

  6. OlManWinter, not only is Sager’s live-in boyfriend on the payroll, but so is Sager’s mother!!!

    Drain the Swamp, Woodstock!!!!

    Gregg Hansen is in touch with local businesses and residents. I’d place my trust in him!

    Scott Gessert will be an excellent choice for city council.

    Sager’s ‘legacy’ will include turning Woodstock into Pottersville, Gambling on every corner, cheap bars, and importing poverty.

    Awful job by this shifty eyed little freak-show.

    Those two incumbent city council members have got to go too!

  7. Were proper job posting and applicant assessmentprocedures followed when the two alleged hirings occurred?

    If there were other more qualified applicants for those positions, they may have cause to file federal lawsuit against Woodstock and the Mayor for violation of EEOC anti -discrimination hiring laws.

    “It is illegal for an employer to discriminate against a job applicant for…or genetic information.”

    Failure to share genome traits with person doing the hiring fits that definition.

    If there were not any other applicants for those jobs, it seems Woodstock citizens should demand a jobs posting protocol be established to make open positions known to the widest set of potential candidates.

  8. Seeing as many people meet their significant others at work, it is possible here. I have no idea if this is the case in this situation and not sure of the issue with his mother.
    Many so called ‘Christians’ are very quick to attack someone with a different lifestyle.

  9. The law and lifestyle are two different issues.
    The Mayor did not meet his mother at work, and if she is indeed employed by virtue of Mayoral hiring, she shares significant genome markers with her employer, and it is significantly likely she was hired in violation of Federal EEOC Anti-Discriminatory Hiring practice.

    If other job applicants for her position were passed over, they have a case against Woodstock and this Mayor specifically.
    Woodstock citizens should not be complacent about bearing such a large financial civil liability risk burden on behalf of elected officials’ self-serving illegal hiring behavior.

  10. Many of you should be ashamed of your comments!!

    Embarrassed for you

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