Bob Miller Adopts Andrew Gasser’s Map of Algonquin Township Roads

Last week Andrew Gasser posted a map of all the township roads on his website and Bob Miller has followed suit and posted the identical map.  However, when one clicks on the map on the official township page there is an error.


Gasser has talked about improving transparency at the county board and is beginning to make his case for the Algonquin Township offices.  Perhaps this is the beginning of a very long and excruciating Republican Primary.


Bob Miller Adopts Andrew Gasser’s Map of Algonquin Township Roads — 12 Comments

  1. I signed Bob’s petition to become highway commissioner. I was told (nicely) Andrew was unqualified and that he doesn’t know what he is doing.

    Is it true that you didn’t have an accurate map of the township roads or a valid list of roads for the public?

    I am a Republican but the more I look at where this party was I am beginning to feel it was more of a social club than a Republican Party.

    I hope that Andrew Gasser continues this. I may not vote for him but for someone who is unqualified he sure does seem to know what he is doing. I hope he continues to do things like this.

  2. The map on the official township page shows up just fine for me.

  3. He got a township map.

    He’s a real transparency fighter!

    How has he improved transparency on the county board?

  4. The link which displays with the message in this post does not give me the same message.

    Link works a.o.k.

    The bigger question would be:

    Why the hell does a Township need a tractor the size of the one pictured with Miller?

    While we’re at it, do all the service clubs that use storage space on Township property reimburse the taxpayers?

    If so, at what rate?

    Is the Township competing with private enterprise for storage?

  5. To answer Martha’s question.

    I think Andrew Gasser has done pretty good considering Anna May Miller and her clan voted against him on virtually every vote including his efforts to improve transparency.

    Much like Anna May Miller using her chairmanship of the Transportation Committee to block the progress on the NDR issue.

    Notice how many of the people who voted against this are no longer on the board?

  6. Miller is walking ‘Error’ ….. the ROTTEN KING o’ NEPOTISM ….

    It’s so sad he used the wrong candidacy sheet and will NOT appear on the ballot!

    Yes, you heard it first here on Mchenry County Blog.

    Isn’t Bobby “The Nepo Despot” Miller the Township officials’ kingpin:

  7. OldMan, I personally inspected all the candidacy forms this morning, and you are indeed correct that Bob Miller used the incorrect Statement of Candidacy form.

    However he was not alone.

    The following candidates used incorrect forms:

    Charles A. Lutzow (Supervisor)
    Richard Alexander (Assessor)
    Bob Miller (Hwy Comm.)
    Melissa Sanchez-Fisher (Clerk)
    Karen Lukasik (Clerk)
    Dan Shea (Trustee)
    David Chapman (Trustee)
    Melissa L. Victor (Trustee)
    Terence G. Ferenc (Trustee)

    The only candidates who used the proper form were:

    Ellen M. Brady (Supervisor)
    Andrew Gasser (Hwy Comm.)
    Myself, Rachael Lawrence (Trustee)
    Scott Taillet (Trustee)
    Russell Cardelli (Trustee)

    Quite the mis-hap!

    However, it may all be moot, considering that all forms meet the statutory requirements and any challenges will likely not be successful.

    There is, believe it or not, legal precedent in the IL Supreme Court for this situation:

  8. Raquel, thanks for outing yourself as a waterboy for the Miller Clan.

    Tell Uncle Bobby and family that there has to be an accusation before you make a defense.

    Despite the aw shucks we didn’t mean to face that folks are putting on its much more serious, and they know it.

  9. I suppose I should feel honored to be attacked by an anonymous angry man on the internet.

    However, I was merely sharing pertinent information relating to the township filings and what it could mean for our Republican candidates.

    Nothing less and nothing more than a reply to OldManWinter’s comment above.

    Simple facts don’t choose sides, and I’m sorry to inform you I don’t have an “Uncle Bobby and the family.”

    In fact, I really don’t have a horse in the race because I was one of only five people who actually used the correct filing forms.

  10. See, I told ya so Rachael, people have bad aims when throwing rocks.

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