Nunda Township GOP Primary Filings

Nunda Township Republicans will have opposition for every office but Township Clerk.

There former Township Trustee and unsuccessful candidate for the GOP nomination for Recorder of Deeds Joni Smith has a lock.

She is the only candidate.

For Township Supervisor, as reported yesterday, there are three candidates:

  • Lee Jennings
  • Cate Williams
  • Mike Walkup

For Assessor there are two aspirants:

  • appointed incumbent Mark Dzemskem, who previously served as Deputy Assessor
  • Justin Franzke

Incumbent Road Commissioner Mike Lesperance is being challenged by Regional School Trustee Eric Dowd.

Free turkeys that were given away a year ago this Friday at the Nunda Township Hall food giveaway headed by the Methodist Church's Debra Heath.

Free turkeys and bread that were given away a year ago this Friday at the Nunda Township Hall food giveaway headed by the Methodist Church’s Debra Heath.

The following are running for Township Trustee:

  • Mike Shorten, incumbent
  • Robert Parrish, who ran for Road Commissioner the last time around
  • Ed Dvorak, incumbent
  • William Boltz, appointed to replace Ed Gill when County Clerk Mary McClellen hired him
  • Tim Parrish, a Republican Precinct Committeeman
  • Debra Heath, the woman who runs the food giveaway at the Nunda Township Hall every Friday morning for the First United Methodist Church of Crystal Lake
  • Karen Tynis, appointed to replace Tom Palmer


Nunda Township GOP Primary Filings — 21 Comments

  1. Good news.

    We need a road commissioner who is going to be full time.

    Mike Lesperance is not only one of the highest paid road commissioners in the county,
    he is also being handsomely paid for a full-time position in which he does not work full time as is gone at least half the time in another state!

    Taxpayers being screwed by the Township AGAIN!

    Go Eric Dowd!

  2. While on the subject of Townships, remember, they too are subject to Prevailing wage laws.

    Those prevailing wages are, BTW, FULLY supported by the little liar, Jack Franks, who has now been given ‘a chance’ by some commenters on this blog.

    Why do you think the little liar received $1,000,000 from unions for his campaign war chest?

    Prevailing wage rate for a laborer (2015 rate because 2016 does not appear to be available yet):

    Regular per hour $39.20
    Health & Welfare $13.42
    Pension $11.28
    Training $0.50
    Per hour sum $64.40
    40 hour week $2,576.00
    Per year $133,952.00

    Contact your State legislators, plus the governor, to demand an end to Illinois Prevailing Wage laws.

  3. I would think a rock could beat Iron Mike.

    Hope his days are numbered.

  4. Didn’t Tynis notarize lots of Nygren petitions???

    Didn’t she support Nygren?

    Just asking.

  5. I recall that Tynis ran for some position earlier. Can anyone verify? Did Nygren support her? Ran against Provenzano is coming to mind.

  6. So Mike Walkup is FINALLY leaving the County Board?
    Because State law says you can’t be both a Township Supervisor and County Board member at the same time. Does this mean that Walkup’s County Board district will get some REAL representation for a change..?

  7. Robert Williams: Not sure you’re correct. Can you provide your source for that opinion? I understand that the positions of Township Supervisor and County Board are compatible and it’s even expressly noted in the Public Officer Simultaneous Tenure Act in state statute:

    (50 ILCS 110/2) (from Ch. 102, par. 4.11)
    It is lawful for any person to hold the office of county board member and township supervisor

    I don’t agree that one person should hold both offices but it appears to be lawful.

  8. Walkup is clearly looking for a paycheck.

    I don’t see how he can run his thriving practice if he has two government jobs- and can not “reduce the Payscale” as he claims until he is done with his term.

    Why is there a food give away when Crystal Lake Food pantry is open three days a week and is prepared to serve the area?

    This is the type of redundancy that costs us money.

  9. Mike Lesperance ran on a platform of tax reductions and communication.

    He failed at both.

    He is one of the poorest communicators I have ever tried to speak to, and I pretty sure he does not know how to use email.

    He just isn’t very bright.

    His arrogance has caused several legal spats that cost tax dollars.

    I will support almost any challenger.

    One of Nunda’s biggest mistakes in a long time.

  10. The offices of township supervisor and county board member are in fact compatible, a throwback to the era before the 1970 Illinois Constitution when county boards were made up of a county’s township supervisors.

    As a reminder, former County Board member Ersel Schuster held both offices.

  11. Inish: In reverse, why is there a food pantry in Crystal Lake?

    I do not support any food pantry that uses one penny of my tax dollar, that said, at least the Townships have a Charter to provide for the indigent – city of Crystal Lake does not.

  12. @Questioning, the city of Crystal Lake doesn’t have anything to do with the food pantry.

    It is run by local churches.

  13. The food giveaway at Nunda Township on Friday mornings is run by the First United Methodist Church of Crystal Lake in cooperation with the Northern Illinois Food Pantry and the Jewel stores in Crystal Lake and Woodstock.

    The only cost to Nunda Township seems to be electricity, natural gas and liquid soap the volunteers use to mop the floor each Friday afternoon.

  14. Sounds frugal, Cal.

    I’m willing to pay for that minimal if only because I cannot volunteer.


    Actually, further research reveals that only Township TRUSTEES (and Village Trustees) are barred from simultaneously holding County Board seats; the Township Supervisor is specifically NOT barred.

    So the Township Supervisor/County Board Member can double-dip as BOTH all he or she wants!

    Gee, thanks, Illinois…

  16. (And thank you to Nick Provenzano for reminding me that the Land of Lincoln is also the Land of Loopholes =)

  17. When is the elections for these Nunda Township offices?

    THey are not at the same time as the national elections?

    As a new comer to the county I appreciate any information you can give

  18. Elections for most of the officials who levy most of the real estate taxes are in April.

    Republican candidates for Township office in Algonquin, Grafton and Nunda Townships will held on February 28th.

  19. I am a new resident to the area.

    Any recommendations on where to read up on local elections, issues and candidate platforms?

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