If You Don’t Want Your Electric Bill to Go Up, Call or Email Your Legislators

Everyone has two legislators–a State Representative and a Senator.

Commonwealth Edison is doing its best to convince the General Assembly to force your rates higher in order to keep two nuclear power plants open.

Com Ed, known as the “power” company for good reason, wants your State Rep. and State Senator to vote to raise your electric bills.

If you don’t agree, today is the day to call or email and give your opinion.

Here is the link to the Illinois General Assembly web site.

You can find contact information for your legislators by clicking on the part of the web site shown below where it says, “Members.”


If You Don’t Want Your Electric Bill to Go Up, Call or Email Your Legislators — 10 Comments

  1. Oh ComEd has paid off our politicians a long time ago.

    How are those smart meters going for you? You know the ones you already paid for…

  2. Call your legislators ?

    Better yet, vote with your feet and flee as
    others are doing.

    Do it for the sake and future of your family.

  3. Like any strong arm tactic, whether by the Mafia or Madigan or the Energy Cartel, if the move is strong the aggressor cannot lose.

    Either way the consumer loses.

    Prices for your energy are going up regardless.

    Less supply means higher prices.

    If the legislators make the deal prices to go higher.

    The far cheaper of the two options is to allow prices to go higher and keep the plants.

    The studies bear this out.

    The negative economic impact of losing these plants is massive.

    Keeping them is nearly a wash economically.

    Well played Energy Cartel.

    You found a way around CUB and regulation….

    For now.

    Vote to keep the plants open and plot as well as these politicians and cartels do.

    Self reliance is the key.

  4. And free energy, Priest.

    Too bad they killed Tesla for trying to spread that one.

  5. The State House and Senate passed the Exelon (Commonwealth Edison is part of Exelon) bill.

    It is Senate Bill 2814 (SB 2814) in the 99th Illinois General Assembly (ILGA).

    Now it is off to the Governor’s desk for either approval or not.

    Here is the yes vote by Jack Franks on SB 2814 on December 1, 2016.


    The bill passed the State House with 63 Yeas, 38 Nays, and 0 Present votes.

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