First Frank’s Transparency Failure

In an email that newly-sworn in McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks sent before taking office, he promised,

“We will be the most efficient, transparent and effective County in the Nation.”

This afternoon, I have been searching for the Rules changes that Franks is proposing.

When I went to the meeting portal and clicked on agenda packet, here is what came up:

The agenda packet contains nothing but the agenda.

The agenda packet contains nothing but the agenda.

So, County Board members and the public can’t take a look at the Rule changes proposed by Franks.

The meeting to consider them will be 11 AM on Wednesday in the Administration Building.

It is not known whether Franks will break a second promise by not live streaming and recording the meeting.

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Posted at 5:25, Monday, December 5, 2016.


First Frank’s Transparency Failure — 16 Comments

  1. The voters rejected the County Board Executive form of government, in large part because they didn’t want the County Board Executive to have too much power.

    The voters approved the elected County Board Chair referendum.

    The idea being, the County Board Chair would be elected by the voters, not having the Board appoint one of their own as the County Board Chair.

    We now have Jack Franks already acting more like a County Board Executive than a County Board Chair.

    There should be no rush to change any rules.

    The voters deserve to fully understand both sides of this Temporary House Rules issue.

    There was no mention of Temporary House Rules during Jack Franks’ campaign for County Board Chair, or if there was, it was very minimal.

    There should be extreme suspicion about the suddent effort to form a County Board Rules Committee, as it is well understood by quite a few people that Michael Madigan has what many regard as too much power over the House Rules committee in the Illinois General Assembly.

    Jack Franks has studied under Michael Madigan for the last 18 years.

    Jack Franks and Michael Madigans are both Democrats.

    Michael Madigan has contributed to Jack Franks political campaigns.

    Michael Madigan is Chair of the Democrat Party of Illinois.

    The Temporary House Rules Committee is an attempt by the Democrat Party to have more political power in McHenry County right now.

  2. IRONIC!

    Transparency huh, Franks?

    You’re a big headed buffoon! (oh and a LIAR!)

    Transparency starts with putting all of the information out there, secondly, what’s with all these daytime meetings.

    Is that so citizens with jobs cannot attend? (that’s rhetorical as I know the answer)

    That kind of thing my work for Democrats but it doesn’t work for the one’s with jobs, businesses and responsibility!

    First day and this crap storm is starting with Franks who deems himself King!

  3. Daily Herald

    Franks Sworn in As McHenry County’s First Chairman Elected by Voters

    by Lauren Rohr

    December 5, 2016


    There is attempt by Jack Franks to rush in the Temporary Rules Committee as an “ad hoc” committee.

    The Temporary Rules Committee changes the way the county board has been conducting its business.

  4. Congratulations McHenry County-

    you have gotten exactly that which you deserve; another Madigan trained Democrat.

    Well done, dummies

  5. Isn’t this classic of what caused the voters to flip the apple cart in the national election?

    The public is sick and tired of people so pumped-up with self-importance they cannot see the hypocrisy of their own actions.

    Thankfully, a few members actually get it.

    Our only hope for the future of a good, and functioning county board is that its members gather the collective spine to stand up to the unreasonable actions of this man.

    Realistically, there is no reason changes cannot be made.

    Simply follow the rules.

    This is what makes up a civilized society.

  6. By the way, did anyone else catch the point that there is no Franks “PLAN” for reducing taxes?

    Instead, the king tossed ball to board members.

    They’re supposed to take this project on.

    You would have thought anyone asking to be granted the privilege of this position would have gotten a month or two under his belt before showing his contempt for his board members and the transparency factor.

    Getting off on the wrong foot like this is a common occurrence when arrogance supersedes commonsense.

    For all his 20 years as a state legislator… we just may have a first-hand glimpse as to why the state of IL is in such horrible shape.

    The man has not a clue!

    Don’t you just love it?

  7. “This means a 10% property tax levy reduction from EVERY government body in our County.”

    “And know that I will introduce this plan on my first day as your new McHenry County Board Chairman.

    – Jack Franks”


    Where is the plan?

  8. I knew his ‘cut 10′ was BS.

    Even if they cut 10% of the county’s levy that’s only 1% of taxpayers’ real estate tax bill.

    Everyone who voted for Franks was duped!

  9. McHenry County may have done the smartest possible vote it could have done in the election of Jack Franks to an elected county position.

    For the same reasons anyone who understands politics is taking a whooping victory lap on the retention of Speaker Pelosi as Minority Leader the election of Jack could very well be the best possible scenario for our county and state.

    Jack, like Pelosi, will continue to represent the failed political ideologies which destroyed the Democrats across the nation.

    Jack is a failed state politician.

    No one takes a voluntary step down from State Rep to a county position.

    Jack has failed his master so he’s been demoted to see if he can prove his worth.

    Jack has one goal: to take McHenry County for the Democrats.

    If he fails at this simple task he will be relegated to oblivion.

    To do this he must first succeed at usurping the Boards checks and balances to gather all the power to himself. Simple right?

    All county boards are populated by local people with lives outside the board who only desired to serve their community so a slick politician should be able to manipulate these yokels into allowing his usurpation of power, right?

    Our board members are about to get a graduate level education in government and politics and will need to remain vigilant and sharp to remain relevant.

    This is fantastic!

    If our board fights Jack properly the voters will see Jack for what he is in stark relief.

    This is fantastic!

    If our board wins the war Madigan is bringing here through his catamite they remain relevant, true Democrats will be empowered to actually represent

    The People again and Jackie boy will be relegated to the pile of throw away slaves Madigan has behind his plantation house.

    This… Is… Priceless…

  10. Nice yarn, Priest.

    Did you ever notice that our board is made up of truly stupid people that are out to protect their own necks; while they couldn’t discern their way out of a paper bag?

    You must really love fairy tales.

  11. The now former Executive Editor of the Northwest Herald whom wrote the article, “Editor’s Desk: Jack Franks Takes Collaborative Approach to McHenry County Board Chairman” mentioned in the 12/05/2016 at 6:03 comment above, has a new job.


    Illinois News Network

    McCaleb Appointed to Top News Role at Illinois News Network

    March 8, 2017

    “Dan McCaleb has joined the Illinois News Network and will serve as News Director of”

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