Rules Writer Comments on Jack Franks’ Proposed Revisions

Ersel Schuster served on the McHenry County Board committee–Management Services–that has written the Rules that new Chairman Jack Franks wants to amend without reference to that committee.

She has looked at the proposed changes and has these comments for current Board members;

Heads up… McHenry County Board members…

You are being rushed into making decisions you will regret.

First and foremost… the County Board Rules are just that… YOUR rules.

They are not the chairman’s rules.

No matter what the rules committee does this morning, that cannot be factored into the process by which the Committee on Committees does its job.

There is a well vetted reorganizational process in place and it must be used to do the business.

Change is good.

However, change for the sake of change, or for political purposes, is dangerous.

Take the time necessary to do a serious study on any changes.

Should this selectively assembled Rules Committee go along with the chairman’s wishes… the rush to incorporated these changes will be the least of your worries.

You will rue the day you allow the backroom tactics of Mr. Franks to run your business.

Not a good beginning for our county.


Rules Writer Comments on Jack Franks’ Proposed Revisions — 5 Comments

  1. This could not demonstrate better the reason people like her were so resoundingly shown the door.

    Franks laid out very specific reasons why he wants to make the changes he does BEFORE the election, and the people then voted for him, at least in part because they agree.

    By calling the work of the County Board “your business” she sums it up perfectly: the old political class in the county thinks the board is their club and the county is theirs to do with as they please.

    Sorry, welcome to the 21st century – this is the people’s business.

  2. Be on high alert board members,
    Jacko has his career dirty bag of
    Tricks out and is probably using it.

    He did that with the new job he
    Just got.

    He has also tricked Pam Althoff a
    Times, for sure.

    Some change Jacko may want to make looks
    innocuous but could be something he
    Will use to his advantage in the future.

    Be aware, the Cesspool Swamp Monster
    Is here and just getting started.

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