Jack Franks, Double Dipper

Back in 2014, Democrats leafleted at least Woodstock with a negative piece complaining about rejecting the the “the Good Old Boys.”

Targeted were John Hammerand, John Jung and Steve Reick.

Hammerand and Jung were running for the McHenry County Board, while Steve Reick was running for State Rep. against Jack Franks.

Using a time-honored approach by local Democrats, the identification on the post card was of a committee never heard of before:

Citizens Against Cronyism

But there is a union bug.

Jack Schaffer photoshopped to be eating a three dips of ice cream.

Jack Schaffer photoshopped to be eating a three dips of ice cream.

No address for the piece is given and, even if it were, there’s probably no agency that would do an official investigation.

Most interesting was the back of what seems to have been designed as a mailing.

It features Jack Franks’ hate symbol, Jack Schaffer.

Schaffer, who left office as State Senator in 1993 after serving twenty years, then served as a Jim Edgar department director and subsequently was named by the County Board as our county’s representative on the Metra Board.

That made him eligible for three pensions, albeit the Metra pension was quite small.

Schaffer owns Liberty Outdoor Advertising and had the audacity to rent the billboard nearest State Rep. Jack Frank’s Route 47 Woodstock office for an anti-Franks message when John O’Nell was on the ballot as a Republican. You can see the 2010 message below:

These are 2010 numbers. Would anyone like to go to VoteSmart.org and update the figures?

These are 2010 numbers. Would anyone like to go to VoteSmart.org and update the figures?

The 2010 billboard caught Jack Franks’ attention.  (Now, six years later, the figures are undoubtedly much higher. For labor unions alone the figure is over $1 million.)

After this billboard appeared during the O’Neill challenge of Franks, Franks showed the temper for which he is well-known.

He suddenly took an interest in Metra.

Of course, Franks denied that his attacks on then-Metra Board member Schaffer after the election were motivated by the billboard. (I lay out the chronology of the feud here, if your interest is deep.)

Schaffer has been out of elective office since 1993, but in the public eye for voting “Hell No!” to the motion to dismiss the reform Metra Executive Director.

Schaffer was not running for office then, but got top billing in the mailing from an unknown pop-up group.

Jack Franks

Jack Franks

So, what does that have to do with Jack Franks?

Jack Franks attacked County Board candideate Mike Walkup for running for two offices, the chairmanship and a District 3 seat on the County Board.

Walkup would be a double dipper, Franks charged.

That was a false charge because Walkup initiated the ordinance that would preclude anyone who was elected to those two offices from being paid two salaries. Such a person would only be paid the County Chairman’s salary.

When he was interviewed by “Big” John Howell, State Rep. Jack Franks was asked about running for both State Representative and McHenry County Board Chairman, which Howell noted was legal.

Franks said the following on that radio show:

“I’m not going to take advantage of that.

“Come on.

“Make a choice.”

Recently sworn in as McHenry County Board Chairman, Franks is still on the State payroll as State Representative.

That makes Jack Franks a double-dipper.

I wondered if the reason was because he needed a full twelve months pay to get his 18-year pension.

When contacted, however, the General Assembly Retirement System folks told me that pensions are pro-rated monthly.

So, if Franks had decided to resign and be sworn in on December 1st, as originally planned, he would have received a legislative pension based on 17 and 11/12 years.

But he decided to go for the full pension that 18 years would provide.

He can start collecting $58,622 in two years when he is 55 years old.

And when he turns 60, his pension goes up 3% every year – guaranteed by the taxpayers (just like mine.

If Jack lives to 83, the average age for a male age 53, he’ll have collected a total of $2.3 million.

= = = = =
It was too cold to go to Colonial for a photo of an ice cream cone with two dips.


Jack Franks, Double Dipper — 21 Comments

  1. Sometimes I think the Republicans are getting more democratic.

    The Democrats are complaining about Trump winning and they go on and on.

    Trump won get over it…….

    So now the Republicans are doing the same thing with Franks.

    Get over it, Hate Franks myself but he won so get over it.

  2. Cut 10 website

    “I’m running for McHenry County Board Chairman to cut property taxes by 10% across the board.

    This means a 10% property tax levy reduction from EVERY government in our county.

    We can finally give relief to local property taxpayers if we eliminate if we eliminate government waste and fraud and more efficiently manage tax dollars.

    Join me in sending a message to McHenry County leaders in support of this 10% cut.

    And know that I will introduce this plan on my first day as your new McHenry County Board Chairman.

    – Jack Franks”

    Cut10.org redirected to http://www.CutMcHenryTaxes.com which has been disabled after Jack Franks was elected as McHenry County Board Chair.

    1st Day as McHenry County Board Chairman – Monday December 5, 2016 – no Cut 10 plan

    2nd Day as McHenry County Board Chairman – Tuesday December 6, 2016 – no Cut 10 plan

    3rd Day as McHenry County Board Chairman – Wednesday December 7, 2017 – no Cut 10 plan

    4th Day as McHenry County Board Chairman – Thursday December 8, 2016 – no Cut 10 plan

    5th Day as McHenry County Board Chairman – Friday December 9, 2016 – no Cut 10 plan (so far)

  3. That isn’t Cal’s fault, voter.

    It is Mark’s fault.

    He is ruining a good blog.

    He’s a smart guy, but no one reads any of his drivel.

    Try being human, Mark.

    Stop posting the AI stats you love so much.

    No one else cares and no one else benefits from that kind of drivel.

  4. It’s hypocritical to call out Franks for double dipping for 1 MONTH and not call out others who milk the system for many years.

  5. You are right Cindy.

    I love Cal but Mark is getting way out of control

  6. Hey Mark!

    Quit trying to educate the fools!

    Apparently they approve of the ‘dumbing down’!

    Please keep it up!!

    What you post is very meaningful and bears repeating over and over and over and over!

  7. Mark, IMO keep posting, but make it relative to the issue at hand.

    The issue here is double dipping, not cutting taxes.
    When the issue is board rules, it isn’t really logical to talk about cutting taxes either.

    Like your posts allot when they fit the issue being talked


  8. JS got three pensions sure, but didn’t earn them at the same time.

    Where JF is really double dipping while still working, if you want to call what he does work.

    JS could of earned one pension that totaled more than the three combine.

    As a tax payer I’m more worried about the size of the pensions relative to the work/wages and the contributions made that were relative.

    Raising them 3% isn’t always the best thing either when cost of living is actually less.

    Adjustments in the retirement payout scale and 3% thingy need to be adjusted as they are way to generous.

    80%, 75%, 70% of pay is way to generous IMO.

    What about you Cal, think what I said is relative to the pension problems?

  9. Thank God for people like Mark digging up the facts.

    Often over my head but that’s my issue.

  10. Isn’t the gas bag known as gasser also a double dipping whore? County board and a federal pension plus medical and dental and legal?

    The gasser who is a gasbag is no saint cloaked in white garmants. Gas bag gasser is destroying the republican party. HE VOTED FOR TRUMP! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?

  11. I was not in the Illinois House when misnamed 3% Cost of Living law was passed.

  12. The teacher unions are the largest category of labor union contributors to Jack Franks PACs.

    Jack Franks PACs have received $394,517 from teacher unions.

    Jack Franks PACs have received $1,033,910 from all organized labor unions.

    Jack Franks PACs have received $5,848,589 form all contributors.

  13. Dirty, no Andrew Gasser is not a double dipper.

    He has a pension from the Military.

    He doesn’t participate in the county board IMRF!

    He also doesn’t take part in the health insurance.

    So he’s one of the County Board members costing the least!

    How is he destroying the Republican Party?

    Do you mean the establishment BS Party?

    The Democrats that ran as Republicans because they knew Democrats rarely win in this County?

    Yeah that must be it.

    The more we rid the Republican Party of the bad Ombres the better!

    Drain the Swamp.

    As Andrew Gasser and Trump are trying to do!

    But there you go showing your ignorance (and stupidity) again!

  14. Good piece Cal.

    Didn’t know about Franko’s vendetta
    Against Jack Schaffer.

    LOVE 😁 the billboard Jack Schaffer
    Put up, though !

  15. Well, I do read ‘Mark’s’ posts from time to time and find nothing in them offensive or false.

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