Algonquin Township Electoral Board 2 PM Monday

The Algonquin Township Hall will be the place to be if you want to see lawyers argue about Statements of Candidacy.

That Township’s Electoral Board meeting is scheduled for Monday, Dec. 12 at 2 PM.

Members of the Electoral Board will be

  • Supervisor Dianne Klemm
  • Trustee Russ Cardelli
  • Trustee Larry Emery

Klemm and Emery are not running for re-election.

Cardelli is a candidate, but his petition was not challenged.

The following candidates used incorrect forms:

Charles A. Lutzow (Supervisor)
Richard Alexander (Assessor)
Bob Miller (Hwy Comm.)
Melissa Sanchez-Fisher (Clerk)
Karen Lukasik (Clerk)
Dan Shea (Trustee)
David Chapman (Trustee)
Melissa L. Victor (Trustee)
Terence G. Ferenc (Trustee)

The only candidates who used the proper form were:

Ellen M. Brady (Supervisor)
Andrew Gasser (Hwy Comm.)
Myself, Rachael Lawrence (Trustee)
Scott Taillet (Trustee)
Russell Cardelli (Trustee)


Algonquin Township Electoral Board 2 PM Monday — 5 Comments

  1. Gas bag gasser is behind all of this.

    He wants to destroy are Republican Party and ruin McHenry County.

    Gasser, who is a gas bag, is a Jack Franks ally.

    Everyone better watch out because when the gas bag ignites gasser is going to blow his crap and venom everywhere.

    This challenge will be defeated and then gasser the gas bagg will have no friends.

    Gas bag gasser does not like townships so why is he running?

    Gas bag gasser does not live in McHenry County or Algonquin Township so why is he running?


  2. The above poster must be a township hog sucking off the taxpayer with a lot, perhaps everything, to lose.

    Is it Miller is running scared and showing how desperate (and stupid) he is.

    Algonquin Township, we need to rid ourselves of the ‘Miller Klan’.

  3. At Dirty G.

    “Gas bag gasser does not live in McHenry County
    or Algonquin Township so why is he running?”

    “Gasser, who is a gas bag, is a Jack Franks ally.”

    Go take your medication.

    These statements are more delusional
    Than you usually are.

    Get a grip and a life.

    Let go of your issues with Andrew G.
    And move on.

  4. Gasser a Franks minion? ….. don’t make me laugh!

    Is the ‘Dirty Gasser’ really Bob Miller …. or just one of his nepotistic appointees?

    How can Miller, with a straight face, claim he was nominated by a non-existent Algonquin Township GOP caucus?? His petitions claim he was just another GOP aspirant for the February, 2017 primary. His candy-candidacy statement says the GOP nominated him alone for the April 4, 2017 ballot!!!

    THIS IS NOT A MINOR ERROR like a ‘dyslexic’ zip code or foregetting to ad “Jr.” to a surname.

    Miller’s was a fatal error that causes great confusion about what election he’s even trying to run in!!

    Even if his false candidacy statement was a monumental error … it just goes to show his abysmal attention to detail in EVEN TRYING TO KEEP HIS DO-NOTHING “JOB” …… Didn’t ‘Booby’ Miller even bother to compare his candidacy statement of 4 yrs ago with the fake-one he filed this year????

    Did Bobby Boy file this credential along with his screwy candidacy statement …. actually it may help him stay on the ballot!:

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