Commentary on McHenry Township GOP Caucus

The following letter from McHenry’s Laura Lewis was published in the Northwest Herald Saturday and is re-published here with permission of the author:

No Raucus Caucus

 Steve Koerber

Steve Koerber

I went to the McHenry Township Republican caucus the other night because I support Steve Koerber and I was hoping to see and hear from the slate that is running against him.

I had never been to a caucus before and I was excited because I was told it might be a raucous caucus.

I was disappointed when all of the “Private Club” candidates that I had heard about didn’t show up.

The people around me knew more about these political things than I do and I learned a lot listening to them.

The thing that surprised me the most was the assumption that the incumbent Republican office holders in our township will leave the Republican Party and run as independents.

Steve Verr

Steve Verr

The head of the slate that Koerber is running with, Supervisor candidate Steve Verr,announced that he was going to immediately, if elected, begin the process to slash the Supervisor’s salary by 80% because it was really only a part-time job.

Bob Anderson

Bob Anderson

I guess the incumbents who enjoy the big salaries realized that they couldn’t win their party’s endorsement running against a platform with such dramatic cost-saving initiatives that they will leave the party and use the township newsletters and propaganda machine over the winter to keep their name out there and win anyway.

I saw anti-township activist Bob Anderson for the first time and he’s not what I expected.

He’s maybe not the kook that I thought he was.

I’m starting to see what he’s against.


Commentary on McHenry Township GOP Caucus — 12 Comments

  1. This is a real, grassroots REPUBLICAN effort to try and save McHenry taxpayers from dispossession.

    I’m all for it, and glad to see real Republicans and not RINOs masquerading as Republicans and prancing about while people are being taxed outa their very homes.

    I’m also gald to see the County GOP organization support the conservatives in McHenry, Grafton and Algonquin Townships taking the Party back from the self-appointed elites who lorded over the taxpayers all these years!

  2. It is long overdue that real conservatives stepped forward and called a halt to the tax and spend activities of those who have operated for so long pretending to be Republicans, while nothing could be further from the truth.

    RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) have been running this County for years and still comprise a majority of the County Board (the number is shrinking of late thank God) as well as being deeply entrenched at the Township level in many places.

    We all owe a debt of gratitude to true conservative such as Steve Verr and Bob Anderson who have been contesting with the RINOs for years.

  3. Grassroots elected democrat Jack Franks.

    Verr is going to cut his own salary?

    That has to be voted on but Ok, I know many charities that will surely accept his donations.

    Is Mr. Koerber donating or cutting his salary too?

    I mean, these are “fatcat” saleries with do nothing people in place right?

    “Private Clubs”?

    What would a caucus with lazy PC’s that weight votes be considered?

    A Good representation of the people?

    It’s OK, Bob Anderson will have the Township broken up before Verr even gets a check.

    Watching this mess is like getting a front row seat on the Island of Misfit Toys!

  4. The only thing these destroy the township from the inside whack jobs Verr, Anderson, Walkup, and Gasser want to do is ruin the Township Organization in all of McHenry Co..

    Tax and spend you morons

    that part of your tax bill is less than 2 %.

    If you want to save money SCHOOLS which comprise 75% of your tax bills is where it’s at

  5. The Township Supervisor is a useless do-nothing position, which is probably why Bob Anderson ran for it (unsuccessfully) back in the day.

    Was it his failure in that election that began his anti-township crusade?

    OR is it his failure as a currently elected school board member to lower our taxes that is motivating him to run again for Township office?

    The schools take over SEVENTY-THREE PERCENT of our property tax dollar, while the Township takes 2%.

    If Bob Anderson actually wants to help the taxpayer, maybe he should actually DO the job he’s currently elected to do..?

  6. Wow, the do-nothing incumbents can’t even figure out how to keep their overpaid jobs, but to hear the ‘Mis-educated Voter’ above, the conservatives who shunted them out of the Republican Party are the culprits.

    Nice logic ….. for a township employee!

  7. Robert Williams is right on ….

    Township Supervisor is a parasitic post of the worst sort.

    Bob Adams, the bent incumbent, should be ashamed of taking candy from the baby-taxpayers.

    That’s why I support the effort to cut the pay of Supervisor drastically…..

    It has to start somewhere!

    It’s a PART TIME JOB that even pays a fat pension….

    what part of that can’t the township hacks understand???!

    Ask anybody from the Pioneer Center what Bob Adams did there.

  8. Maybe some of you have been sipping too much from the holiday punch bowl.

    So let’s recap.

    Rickey – get off of Lucy!

    It’s not “Bob Adams” it’s Craig Adams.

    Your mixing things up like a bad baker.

    As stated, by Mr. Koerber, he will slash that salary by 80%.

    I think we are waiting for the rest of his slate to do the same.

    Or at least get to the NW Herald and explain their position.

    But let’s proceed.

    Bob Anderson from Wonder Lake has so much confidence in his ability to win at the trustee level for the Township he has decided to re-run for Harrison School District (One of the biggest Money sucks in the county).

    His petition was listed today.

    Next up – Old Man Winter.

    You continue to hammer on these over paid jobs!

    Have you looked at what these people really make at the Township level?

    I’m feeling a sense of jealously.

    Did your boss forget to order you a second keystone at the Holiday Party this year?

    But, since your “moniker” is OLD don’t you think it’s unfair most of the “old” people your “representing” will lose programs after the Township closes?

    Then we have 41 one yr old mastermind Sandra Salgado who really didn’t even know, nor consider ANY of the incumbents for re-election position’s

    does she even know any of them?

    I was told she never even reached out!

    Maybe a few nice Democratic’s will clean this whole mess up.

    I mean, we did vote Franks into office at the county level so we are only a few steps behind Mr.Madigan!

    Lot’s of choices this up coming election!

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