Jack Franks Choices for Committee Chairmen Emerge from County Committee on Committees Meeting

The McHenry County Committee on Committees held its meeting today and the following

  • Finance& Audit – Mike Skala (District 5)
  • Internal Support and Facilities (formerly Management Services) – Yyonne Barnes (District 1)
  • Law and Government – Michele Aavang (District 6)
  • Liquor and License – Robert Nowak (District 1)
  • Planning, Environment and Development – Larry Smith (District 6)
  • Public Health and Community Services – Paula Yensen (District 5)
  • Transporation – Joe Gottemoller – (District 3)

Vice Chairmen proposed by the Committee, as recommended by Chairman Jack Franks, follow:

  • Finance – Mary McCann
  • Internal Support and Facilities – Jim Heisler
  • Law and Government – John Jung
  • Liquor and License – Donna Kurtz
  • Planning, Environment and Development – John Reinert
  • Public Health and Community Services – Chuck Wheeler
  • Transportation – Jeff Thorsen

All of these positions were suggested by Franks.

The only objection I heard was from Wheeler, who wanted to chair Public Health, instead of Yensen.


Jack Franks Choices for Committee Chairmen Emerge from County Committee on Committees Meeting — 10 Comments

  1. I thought that the Committees were suppose to choose who the Committee Chairs were suppose to be?

  2. It is obvious… rules are for dummies!!!

    “Again…” you are right.

    The “COUNTY BOARD RULES” have been ignored…

    It is the Committee on Committees who are supposed to be making the committee assignments and choosing the committee chairmen.

    Further, it is the Board Members allowing it to happen.

    Not sure if it is out of ignorance or stupidity.

    Either case you and I lose again.

    Is there any wonder there is such disrespect for politicians?

  3. Jack’s choices, but does that mean that’s the way it will be?

    The makeup of the committees seems to be quite important also.

    The full board discussion and vote should be interesting also.

  4. The Emperor has already lined up his votes…

    It would be a total shock if “the board” dare challenge in any significant way.

    In the meantime… and a little hint for members who just may understand… the “new/chairman’s rules” have NOT gone through the process nor have they been approved by the full board.

    Again, if you noticed, the “rules committee” just kept saying…

    yes sir, yes sir…

    how high shall we jump?

  5. Amazing how athletic a person can be at times isn’t it.

    At their age they can still bend over and ……..lol

  6. The final selection resulted in the following changes to the above list:

    Public Health and Community Services Committee Chair – Chuck Wheeler (instead of Paula Yensen)

    Public Health and Community Services Committee Vice-Chair – Paula Yensen (instead of Chuck Wheeler)

  7. Every one of these nincompoops needs to be public shamed. These are not people. These are stupid sheep that blindly follow their leader which, will result in the undoing of us all.

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