Bob Miller Elected to Head State’s Township Officials, Follows in Father’s Footsteps

A press release from Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Bob Miller:

Algonquin Highway Commissioner Heads Illinois Township Officials

Miller, Bob hands out

Bob Miller was an articulate defender of Township government during the McHenry County Board’s Township Consolidation meetings.

Algonquin Township Highway Commissioner Bob Miller will head theTownship Officials of Illinois for the next year.

It’s the second time the organization which represents 1,429 of the state’s 1,431 townships has picked the Township’s highway head as its president.

“Twenty-five years ago my father, Del Miller was elected to this same position,” Miller said.

“I share his ardent commitment to Township government and will do my best to provide strong and effective leadership.”

TOI, which represents over 10,000 Illinois township supervisers, road commissioners and trustees, was organized in 1907 to lobby on behalf of member townships.

Algonquin Township Highway Commissioner Bob Miller was elected to lead the Township Officials of Illinois at the group's annual November meeting in Springfield.

Algonquin Township Highway Commissioner Bob Miller was elected to lead the Township Officials of Illinois at the group’s annual November meeting in Springfield.

Today, TOI’s function also includes the education of township officials and the promotion of township government.

“As a unified group we have pooled our intellectual resources to preserve and protect Illinois’ small local governments,” said Miller.


Bob Miller Elected to Head State’s Township Officials, Follows in Father’s Footsteps — 14 Comments

  1. Yup!

    Highly paid for by the taxpayers of Algonquin Township!


    His spouse is paid a six figure salary to allow the Mr. time to flit around the state!!

  2. What’s the term of this position?

    What happens if he loses his election?

    We can only hope!

  3. He actually said he was “insulted” anyone dared to challenge his incorrect and lying candidacy petition at his recent hearing.

    What a puffed-up, arrogant SOB.

    He caused all the problems through his own errors …. typical government goon who deserves something like this:

  4. Bob,

    Congratulations on becoming President of Township Officials of Illinois.

    My question to you is, as President, why did you not follow the election instructions that were put out of the organization that YOU LEAD?

    Go to the TOI Resource Center:

    If you look on 8/16/2016 you will see a download called “Preparing for the 2017 Election Cycle – Jamye Sims Presentation”.

    On page 36 it directs you to make sure you fill out the correct statement of candidacy.

    I am at a loss for words…

  5. Interesting commentary by Miller that they/TOI officials “pooled their intellectual resources” Sum total of which = -0-.

  6. Martha …… Are you related to Booby Miller?

    And if so, are you employed by Algonquin Township?

  7. Bob Anderson wanted to eliminate Townships.

    I suggest we modify Township law.

    Eliminate General Assistance in total.

    With the advent of the following programs, GA has become a yoke (or joke if you prefer) to taxpayers:

    Public Aid

    Food Stamps

    Section 8 Housing




    Free cell phones

    A plethora of food banks with NO vetting.

    etc. etc. etc.

    Give the Township Board the job of letting Road bids for contracts.

    Give the Township Board the job of setting the budget for the Road Commissioner just like they do for the Assessor.

    Eliminate all Township Park Districts.

    Eliminate all Cemetery boards – give that duty to the municipality – if none, state appoints one.

    Eliminate all Township transit services – replace them with taxi cab vouchers negotiated with either local Uber drivers or a local private sector taxi cab.

    End the dictatorship rights which have been granted to Road Commissioners.

  8. State – # Townships – No Geographical Overlap Between Municipalities and Townships – Notes

    Alabama – 0

    Alaska – 0

    Arizona – 0

    Arkansas – 0

    California – 0

    Colorado – 0

    Connecticut – 149

    Deleware – 0

    District of Columbia – 0

    Florida – 0

    Georgia – 0

    Hawaii – 0

    Idaho – 0

    Illinois – 1,431 – – 85 of 102 counties have townships

    Indiana – 1,006

    Iowa – 0

    Kansas – 1,268 – – 95 of 103 counties have townships

    Kentucky – 0

    Louisiana – 0

    Maine – 466 – x – categorize as “town or townships”

    Maryland – 0

    Massachusetts – 298 – x – 13 of 14 counties have townships, categorize as “town or townships”

    Michigan – 1,240

    Minnesota – 1,748 – – 84 of 87 counties have townships

    Mississippi – 0

    Missouri – 312 – – 22 of 114 counties have townships

    Montana – 0

    Nebraska – 417 – 25 of 93 counties have townships

    Nevada – 0

    New Hampshire – 221 – x – categorized as “town or townships”

    New Jersey – 242 – x

    New Mexico – 0

    New York – 929 – – categorized as “town or townships”

    North Carolina – 0

    North Dakota – 1,313 – x – 48 of 53 counties have townships

    Ohio – 1,308

    Oklahoma – 0

    Oregon – 0

    Pennsylvania – 1,546 – x

    Rhode Island – 31 – x – categorized as “town or townships”

    South Carolina – 0

    South Dakota – 907 – x – 52 of 66 counties have townships

    Tennessee – 0

    Texas – 0

    Utah – 9

    Vermont – 237 – categorized as “town or townships”

    Virginia – 0

    Washington – 0

    West Virginia – 0

    Wisconsin – 1,255 – x – categorized as “town or townships” – 71 of 72 counties have townships

    Wyoming – 0



    United States Department of Commmerce

    Economics and Statistics Administration

    United States Census Bureau

    Individual State Descriptions: 2012

    2012 Census of Governments

    Issued September 2013


  9. States settled by Southerners do not have townships.

    Those settled by people from the Northeast do.

  10. We have the type of government we have, we are not the same as other areas in the state or nation either.
    Any changed needs careful consideration before any changes are made.
    Accumulation of numbers, related facts, and factors any change would bring, in other words forming a viable plan that will actually save on our property taxes.
    Bob Anderson and pals in McH, do they have a plan in writing so we can use that in our townships?
    Maybe Cal could get Anderson pals plan and print it here?
    The Shorten lead deal was no plan, they were putting the horse before the cart.
    THX Connect the Dots for actually putting something more logical on paper on potential Township change.
    Make a plan, part of the plan has to be changing township laws first, horse before the cart Bob and Mike.
    Might I suggest a more radical idea for the General Assistance Fund, expand the program so all welfare is administered through the townships and get the Fed and States as much out of the process as possible.
    Smaller gov is better run, a proven fact, plus it’s easier to see the cheat here than in Woodstock, Springfield, or DC.
    Township board with more over site and some say in Road District bids and budgets sounds reasonable.
    Eliminate Twh parks did you mean?
    Township Park district would be a different packet right?
    Twh Cemetery boards are not paid, so why eliminate extra over site?
    If a Cemetery is in the jurisdiction of a Municipality, they should bare the cost to maintain it, Cary does the one on First St.
    Twh transit and Pace dial a rides use of contractors should be looked into.
    The last one of course is related to Twh laws.

    One more big leap would be to look at realigning all road maintenance.
    Get rid of IDOT maintenance by having the County, Twh, and Municipalities maintain what are now class 2 highways.
    At the same time change some county roads to the townships or municipalities to maintain.
    Less travel time mean less hours worked and fuel savings, plus better service.

    Anybody else want to add to a realistic plan?

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