McHenry Resident Claims McHenry Road District Overtaxes, Has Accumulated “Obscene Surpluses”

The following letter to the editor appeard first in the Northwest Herald.  It is published here with permision of its author, Benjamin Ludwig:

Troubling events in McHenry Township government

Many of the things that I’ve heard would happen because of the way the McHenry Township government was run are actually starting to happen.

I went to the township Republican caucus and learned a lot.

The one clearly blatant thing that was predicted, and already is happening, is that after over-levying taxes for years and accumulating obscene surpluses, that before the next election the township officials would announce a big tax levy reduction and take credit for saving the taxpayers money.

It’s a lot like the department store jacking up the price of something so they can give you a bigger discount.

I don’t like either of those practices.

The tax-saving propaganda because of the reduced levy has already started and now I learn that both the McHenry Township and it’s Road District are being sued for the over levying and over spending, much of the over spending being on their own salaries that they have been accused of.

koerber-looking-right-smilingI wonder how many of our tax dollars are going to be wasted on attorneys defending these suits.

I got involved in all of this because I want to help Steve Koerber win the election as Road District Highway Commissioner.

I know him well and know that he wants to get into office the correct way, which is by being elected rather than appointed.

It has never sat very well with me that most of the breakaway Republican incumbents running as independents for McHenry Township offices were appointed rather than elected.


McHenry Resident Claims McHenry Road District Overtaxes, Has Accumulated “Obscene Surpluses” — 1 Comment

  1. Koerber for Road Dist. Commissioner!

    Good Luck!!

    The lout incumbent, yet another appointee, was rousted out of the GOP, and is now circulating weird “Independent” petitions so he can resume his creepy taxoholism at our expense!

    Beware of his false piety and wimperings …..

    don’t sign Condon’s petition because you feel sorry for him out in the cold, caked in ice and snow …..

    he left us taxpayers in the cold ALL YEAR!

    Hurray for the Republicans in cleaning out the self-appointed Township Taxers!

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