MCC President Given Two-Year Extension

A press release from McHenry County College:

McHenry County College President Receives Two-Year Contract Extension

[Dec. 15, 2016.Crystal Lake, IL] McHenry County College Board of Trustees has approved a contract extension for MCC President Clinton Gabbard, Ph.D. for an additional two years, from Dec. 31, 2017 to Dec. 31, 2019. Gabbard became the College’s eighth president on Jan. 11, 2016.

Mike Smith

Mike Smith

According to Board Chairman Mike Smith, “We have been extremely pleased with Dr. Gabbard’s leadership and the relationships he is continuing to develop with the Board, Administration, Faculty, Adjunct Faculty, Staff, and the students of McHenry County College.”

Smith noted that during Gabbard’s first year at MCC, he has achieved great strides in a variety of areas, including collaboration, communication, inclusion, and student success initiatives. For example, he has presented at or met with more than 65 individual and community groups in the last nine months and has joined two additional community board positions—Family Health Partnership Clinic and Sage YMCA. He is also actively involved with the McHenry County Economic Development Corporation (MCEDC).

Clint Gabbard

Clint Gabbard

With a strong commitment for furthering the College’s mission of learning and student success, Gabbard co-chairs a faculty committee on reducing textbook costs and oversees the development of three dashboards to identify and publish student success information. He also developed the first faculty committee with a primary focus on student success, and has provided direction on the planning process and early fundraising for the Liebman Science Center building project.

In addition, Gabbard has focused on increased communication across all levels of the organization, meeting regularly with student groups through “Meet the President” meetings, as well as with faculty and staff. He leads more interactive Town Hall meetings with employees and has restarted the annual employee family picnic.

Before joining MCC, Gabbard served for five years as vice president of Student Services at Lake Michigan College. His previous academic roles include vice president of Student Services for Walla Walla Community College, director of Counseling and Psych Services at Purdue University and psychologist and adjunct assistant professor at the University of Notre Dame. He also co-founded TrestleTree Inc., a private sector behavioral health service for employers and served as a director of the Family Life Center.

Gabbard earned his bachelor’s degree from Evangel College and both his master’s and doctorate degrees in counseling psychology from the University of Notre Dame. He and his wife, Ronda, live in Bull Valley, IL.

“Dr. Gabbard has had an immediate impact on the culture and the effectiveness of the institution, recognizing our focus is learning and student success is our goal. We are confident that he will continue to build upon our vision to be the community’s first choice for a lifetime of learning, and we are looking forward to the relationship between the College, the community, and Dr. Gabbard continuing to grow for years to come,” stated Smith.

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Not in the press release, but requested by a reader is Gabbard’s salary.

His current annual salary is $215,000. Beginning in 2017, he will receive $224,675.


MCC President Given Two-Year Extension — 4 Comments

  1. Reasons to extend the contract of your Community College President:

    Has he identified any major cost saving measures?


    Has he identified programs with very few students that are not economical and should be closed?


    Have student completion rates improved?


    Are students who attend MCC succeeding at college or getting good paying jobs?

    We don’t know; MCC doesn’t track that data.

    Well, what has he done?

    “he has presented at or met with more than 65 individual and community groups in the last nine months and has joined two additional community board positions”

    I guess the board majority’s idea of accomplishment by a CEO and mine are different.

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