Two Drivers Killed at Route 176-Millstream Road Accident East of Marengo

A press release from McHenry County Coroner Anne Majewski about a double fatality at the intersection of Route 176 and Millstream Road east of Marengo:


Two Drivers Killed at Route 176-Millstream Road Accident East of Marengo — 4 Comments

  1. How many people have died at this intersection in the past 5 years?

  2. The sad thing is we were talking to female victim and asking her to move if she hear us…and she moved.

    She was unconscious but was following commands.

    She had alittle blood dripping from her head which I would think her heart was still pumping.

    When emt arrived they just threw blankets on her and didn’t try to even remove her from car to help her.

    Maybe they saw something the first citizens didn’t that were helping but I sure hope I don’t get in a accident in woodstock!

  3. I live on Millstream and I’ve been rear ended at that friggin intersection twice over the years, while waiting to turn there.

    Bad drivers in a hurry at fault at an intersection that is open to viability. My brother got rear ended there also.

    They will put a light there in the future, but it won’t change the arrogant way drivers are today.

  4. The accident on 176 is a horrific tragedy.

    If one were to compare the signage on Millstream Road and the signage on Dunham Road there is a big difference.

    There are no reported accidents traveling north on Dunham to 176 but traveling south on Millstream to 176 is a different story.

    Approaching the stop sign traveling north on Dunham the sign stands at least a foot and a half higher than the sign on Millstream.

    Traveling north, on Dunham the stop sign is at least 5 feet closer into the road for clear visibility.

    Traveling north on Dunham there is also a rectangle yellow sign under the stop sign that states the cross traffic does not stop.

    On Millstream the stop sign is not only behind a guard rail but has other signs and mailboxes that could be causing distractions for the driver.

    We can not put ourselves in the minds of these drivers and assume anything.

    The signage on Dunham is the responsibility of Seneca Township where there are no reported accidents.

    The signage on Millstream is the responsibility of IDOT which is where all is going wrong.

    What I intend to do is not wait for another tragedy but to contact IDOT to open an investigation as to why these streets that approach the very same intersection have different signage and placements of signage.

    Hopefully I can save a life!!!

    I welcome any help on this issue

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