County Board Member Takes a Look at Jack Franks’ Proposed Rule Changes

From retired McHenry County Board member Ersel Schuster\:

Ersel Schuster

Ersel Schuster

While reviewing the 12/20/16 McHenry County Board Agenda… I could not help but notice the first 3 (of 48) items under “new and unfinished business:”



  1. Resolution Adopting Revised McHenry County Board Rules
  2. Resolution Amending Resolution R-201611- 12-309 Setting the 2017 Meeting Dates for the McHenry County Board
  3. Resolution Recommending Appointments to the Standing Committees”

County Board Rules clearly outline the process for making well thought out, substantial changes.

These rules are apparently being ignored and manipulated.

If you have not already determined we have a completely out of control county board chairman; you are sleeping, just do not care, or you must be dead.

From all appearances, this chairman is a classic example of someone who believes laws and rules are for anyone except him.

This is one person, shoving a personal agenda down the throats of 24 members… or enough members who are willing to go along with him for their person gain (look at the committee asignments).

A legitimate question is obvious… exactly why do we have a county board?

I implore the 24 county board members to take the reins and make this process work for the public they were elected to represent.

McHenry County Board on swearing in day. Michele Aavang was absent.

McHenry County Board on swearing in day. Michele Aavang was absent.

Do not allow a chairman, driven by an out of control ego, to rule.


County Board Member Takes a Look at Jack Franks’ Proposed Rule Changes — 10 Comments

  1. The Thing has spoken. (Did I misspell King?)

    Didn’t I warn you this was what they were trying to pull?

    Ersel can beat them over the heads with these facts and they will still not understnd that they are making themselves moot if they follow ANY of his suggestions.

    I have no fatith in the board.

    Look at all the terrible things they have gone along with just to keep their plushy positions.

    They are palying chckers while the steam roller is a master chess player.

  2. We were all warned and beat over the head about Franks BEFORE the election and it obviously didn’t help.
    I have little hope for McHenry County’s future at this point.

    Either people just don’t get it, are puppets or benefiting somehow.

    Same goes for Algonquin Township.

    We are all beat over the head with the Miller empire and nepotism, but the people keep voting Bob Miller (et al) in.

    Wake up people!!

  3. People who want REAL property tax reform should be getting after their local SCHOOL BOARDS.

    Petitions to run for them, as well as municipal and other local races, must be filed by 5PM Monday, December 19th. You need 50 good signatures for School Board and similar numbers for other offices. Be sure to file at least DOUBLE that number.

    Get the petition forms from the STATE BOARD OF ELECTIONS 2017 Candidate Guide on their website.

    Be sure no one PRINTS their names. NUMBER the pages. STAPLE THEM. Include a RECEIPT FOR ECONOMIC INTERESTS that has to have been pre filed with the COUNTY Clerk ahead of time (can be done Monday morning at the County Administration Building). Also include the CORRECT STATEMENT OF ECONOMIC INTERESTS (Non partisan) which can be downloaded from the STATE BOARD OF ELECTIONS 2017 Candidates Guide.

    DO NOT RELY on our COUNTY CLERK to have the correct forms on her website!

    Make complete copies but file the ORIGINALS.

    Be sure that all statements are PROPERLY NOTARIZED where that is required.

    Have someone else, preferably an attorney, check everything over before you file.

    Wait until after 4 PM to try to get bottom placement on the ballots.

    Do this or forever hold your peace on complaining about local property taxes!!!

  4. Sorry, need.

    I don’t know who “we all” are, but I was referring to the board specifically.

    Ersel addresses them.

    Who in McHenry County did you address with this information that Franks was a bad choice?

    Just reading Cal’s blog does not make a “we all”.

    I am sure that plenty of people have never even heard of this blog.

    Thus you have lots of people that still vote for familiar names and have no clue what or who they are really voting for.

    Just look at the results for the black box vote.

    People had no idea what a chitstorm they were standing in front of on that one.

    All they saw was “accountable” and ran with it.

    Road to Hell and all?

  5. Mike, it seems your comment is quite misplaced.

    Ms. Schuster is speaking to YOU.

    And to Mike Skala. And the rest.

    I have no power to act on the agenda you, as my elected board member, are to ensure complies with existing rules and laws.

    Yes, our school boards control a significant part of our taxes.

    This does not excuse you from exercising ethical governance at the county level and speaking out when it’s apparent someone is not.

    If anyone should be vocal about Franks’ play it’s you, the man who barely campaigned for the position and lost.

  6. This will look like Cook County soon if there is NO pushback from the board against Jack and the pay off the unions agenda! Once all of this gets rolling you will have to sell and get the hell out of here to stop being fleeced. I knew this would be bad but I sure as heck expected some pushback from the board members!!!!

  7. Yes, Farmer.

    Now that I think about it, I did NOT expect them to cave so immediately.

    I knew they were totally incompetent, but still it is shocking to see them so discombobublated so instantly.

  8. If there is this much turmoil in the positioning onto committees, I shudder to think what will happen with the gerrymandering and pay to play with the reduction of county board size

  9. Leeery, YES!

    In this case consolidation would be a puppet master/dictator’s dream!

    Less checks and balances, easier to bribe half as many people to Do what you want-whether you’re a county contractor, political donor with influencing votes in mind, Unions or the board chairman (wanna-be-dictator!)

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