Board Votes 14-9 to Replace Paula Yensen as Chairman of Public Health with Chuck Wheeler

Paula Yensen

Paula Yensen

Chuck Wheeler

Chuck Wheeler

District 4 County Board member Craig Wilcox made a motion to switch the roles Chairman and Vice Chairman for the Human Resources and Community Services Committee.

County Chairman and State Representative Jack Franks nominated Paula Yensen, the Board’s only Democrat, and newly-elected as Chairman of the Public Health and Community Services Committee.

And, he slated Chuck Wheeler as that committee’s new Vice Chairman.

The vote to make the switch was 14-9.

Yensen is a Democrat; Wheeler a Republican.


Board Votes 14-9 to Replace Paula Yensen as Chairman of Public Health with Chuck Wheeler — 8 Comments

  1. Chuck Wheeler is going to need a full time salary if the Board and Franks keep steering clear of assigning the other 3 members of D4 any real responsibility.

  2. Seething she quipped “Stop calling me Paula. I want to be addressed as Dr. Yensen!”

    Is she serious?

    Newsflash Yensen, you are an equal on that board.

    No higher or lower than any other board member, although you’d love to think you’re superior.

    If someone keels over from a heart attack, are YOU going to be able to revive them?

    HELL NO!

    Get off your own erected pedestal.

    You look like a self-important buffoon who (like a typical Democrat) is a sore loser and a whiner. .

  3. What is she a ‘Dr.’ of???

    Is this what she got her Ph.D. in????:

    The Science of Harry Potter – Frostburg University
    Maryland’s Frostburg University provides this honors seminar, which is really  a physics class that investigates the supposed magic of Harry Potter. Seems like an excuse to watch the Harry Potter movies.

  4. Her PhD is an even bigger joke than that.

    It’s in education.

    I have far more respect for a bachelor’s degree in a real subject like engineering or a hard science.

  5. This is what happens when you try to address people from another planet.

  6. This lady is a crooked power tripping fool.

    She also attends anti trump rallys and she doesmt even think about who the taxsupporyof America support.

    Get her out

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