Six File for Junior College Board

Diane Evertsen

Diane Evertsen

With filing for local tax district offices having closed Monday, we can look at who is running for what office.

McHenry County College saw five people file for Trustee on Monday:

  • Diane Evertsen, Harvard
  • David Schenk, Marengo
  • Thomas Allen, Lakewood
  • George Lowe, Cary
  • Scott Summers, Harvard
George Lowe

George Lowe

Incumbent Linda Liddle filed on Wednesday, xso there are six on the ballot.

Two are former members of the College Board:

  • George Lowe of Cary, who has served as Board President, but lost his seat a couple of years ago
  • Scott Summers, another former Board President, who resigned his post when he (along with Donna Kurtz) were censored for changing their minda about building an addition on Crystal Lake’x watershed and announcing that decision for the first time at a crucial Crystal Lake City Council meeting
Scott Summers

Scott Summers

Summers is also a candidate in April for the Regional Board of School Trustees and ran for U.S. Senate on the Green Party this year.  Previously, he unsuccessfully ran for Congress on the Green Party ticket and for County Board in a Democratic Primary.

Evertsen just completed six years on the McHenry County Board. She was one of the most fiscally conservative members and voluntarily term-limited herself to two terms.


Six File for Junior College Board — 8 Comments

  1. Scott Summers – he also ran for MCC trustee last time and Lost THAT too.

    Always desperately running for something yet never attaining the seat. Doesn’t he get tired of losing?

    When he WAS on the board at MCC (before he resigned because he couldn’t take the heat)
    Summers voted YES to every tax hike on the agenda. Danger,

    Danger, Will Robinson!

    Evertsens experience, voting record AND COMMON SENSE on the County Board will make her a shoo in!

  2. Diane Evertsen is the only logical person running …she has my vote

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