Huntley Police Cite Three Businesses for Selling Alcohol to Minors

A press release from the Huntley Police Department:

Huntley Police Department Conducts Liquor Compliance Checks

On Monday, December 19, 2016, The Huntley Police Department conducted alcohol compliance checks at 25 local businesses in Huntley. During the checks an individual under the age of 21 visited the businesses in an attempt to purchase alcohol.

Out of the 25 businesses, 3 sold alcoholic liquor to the minor.

Once a violation occurred, officers issued local ordinance citations to the employees, who completed the sale.

The businesses and their employees who are accused of a violation are listed below:

  •  Bowl-Hi, 10520 IL-47
    • Meghan Currie F/W 23 years of age, Crystal Lake, IL
  • Jewel – Osco, 13200 Village Green
    • Brenda Gleason F/W 53 years of age, Hampshire, IL
  • Walmart, 12300 IL-47
    • Robert Biedron M/W 41 years of age, Huntley, IL

Each employee, who was issued a local ordinance citation for Unlawful Sale of Alcoholic Liquor to a Minor, was given a notice to appear in court for the charge.

The Huntley Police Department onducts checks of this type to ensure the businesses within the Village are abiding by state law regarding the sale of alcohol to minors.

Along with the liquor compliance checks, the Huntley Police Department also conducts tobacco compliance checks.


Huntley Police Cite Three Businesses for Selling Alcohol to Minors — 8 Comments

  1. These revenue-generation stings using pretty girls whose birthdays are days/weeks away , or juvenile delinquents used by cops to ‘work off’/nullify raps on other charges, some quite serious, are nothing but sheer entrapments and should be curtailed.

    I’m all against places selling liquor to the underaged,, but cops know the joints that do it … and let ’em get away with it in some jurisdictions …. sometimes, even for bribes!

  2. It seems that the HPD has plenty of time and resources
    to devote to just about anything but catching home/auto burglars and
    business robbers even as these crimes are happening right
    under their noses, yet not one of our elected officials has
    anything to say about their malfeasance of duty to the public.
    What an embarrassment and humiliation to the citizenry of Huntley
    all of the above described are.

  3. I love the police.

    They protect us from bad guys and keep society safe.

    They risk their lives every day for the protection of all of us.

    God Bless them.

    But this type of stuff is ridiculous – and gives the police a bad name.

    Why do this stuff?

    All this does is HARM local businesses, destroys police reputation in the community, and makes businesses paranoid about regulation and law enforcement.

    Raid a liquor store for what?

    So that some 20 year old might drink alcohol?

    HORRORS !!

    Police: PLEASE STOP THESE RIDICULOUS RAIDS against your own citizenry.

    These ultimately HARM the police more than anyone.

  4. OldMan, I assume you have proof of this entrapment?

    or are you just spitting slander?

    If this was universal, I’m sure there’d be cases going to court.

    Here’s a simple thought, and I’m sure we’ve all seen the cards near every check out, if someone looks under 35–card them.

    It’s really simple, takes no real time and costs nothing yet saves a lot.

    I guess some of you here might construe that as a gob’ment overreach and Nanystatism……smh.

    Merry Christmas!

  5. Entrapment???

    That’s like the guy who gets caught in a prostitution sting using that as a defense.

    The police officer’s presence did not suddenly make the arrestee decide to ask her for a sex act in exchange for money.

    The store clerk was negligent in not demanding proof of age.

  6. I was busted.

    And they use an older looking kid they use others to distract you asking multiple questions.

    I thought the guy was a drug user or homeless when all 4 walked in they were wearing really old baggy clothes looked mangy.

    It’s completely intrapment when 4 actors dress up for a part I really thought it was an old man and I’m 30.

    It doesn’t make much sense to me that it’s a Law that minors attempt to buy liquor but not if an officer is watching and aiding it.

    A Law broken for a citation?

    When they all say down then after awhile of browsing our menus they all needed to rush three money down asked for a quick cold one and I was eager to get them to leave because of how they were acting and how they were all dressed I knew something didn’t feel right.

    I was right just for different reasons and outcome.

    But I definitely felt like I was going to robbed not like it was a an I’d sting.

    One of the underage girls was of to the side hiding behind my register and didn’t say a word the entire time.

    Everyone at my work was happy I was ok.

    After some of them witnessed how crazy the scene was one offered help when they all came in.

  7. How old do you have to be to sell liquor in Huntley?

    I keep hearing that it’s 21 but others say 18.

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