Reinterpreting Santa Run Photos

An anonymous blogger writing Lake County Eye has a wonderful sense of humor.

And, he’s a reader of McHenry County Blog.

Usually he makes fun of my mistakes, but this time he has reinterpreted three photos of the Crystal Lake Kiwanis’ Santa Run.

He points out the relative high number of concealed carry permits in McHenry County, then Lake County Eye presents crime scene photographs, which you can see below:



Reinterpreting Santa Run Photos — 3 Comments

  1. Can’t wait to see the comments from the ‘trolls’!

    Merry Christmas!

  2. What you probably don’t realize is that you may be looking at the last photo snapped in earnest of Santa.

    Obama’s decision to ban all drilling and mineral exploration in the Arctic region also means (thanks to some fat, sleazy, over-paid attorney) that Santa’s workshop is to be closed immediately.

    Needless to say the elves who have devoted their entire being to this selfless endeavor are very upset.

    The Elf leadership has already begun plans to hire a medium-sized bus and bring all of them to Washington for the 1,000 Elf March.

    As for Santa, he is too despondent to have himself hoisted out of his hospital bed.

    Unfortunately he has obamacare so he probably won’t make it anyway.

    So, as you are stuffing yourselves with turkey, ham and multiplies of pies think of those poor elves thrown out of work.

    There are only so many elf-throwing jobs so their prospects are bleak to say the least.

    And remember the big fella, laying there in hospital in Nome, barely able to eat a dozen cookies and thank God Almighty that January 20th is finally getting close.

    Merry Christmas.

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