Nunda Township Democrats Roll Out Clerk, Trustee Candidates

They will contest the April election with the following Republican candidates:


  • Kelvin Lee Jennigs
  • Catherine M. Williams
  • Michael Walkup

Township Assessor

  • Mark Dzemske
  • Justin Franzke

Road Commissioner

  • “Iron” Mike Lespernce
  • Eric Dowd


  • Joni Smith

Trustee (4 to be elected)

  • Karen Tynis
  • Mike Shorten
  • Edward Dvorak
  • William Boltz
  • Tim Parrish
  • Robert “Bob” Parrish

No Democrat is running for Supervisor, Assessor or Road Commissioner.

For Township Clerk, the Democrats have slated Cheryl Voss.


Nan Wegener, Kelli Wegener, Cheryl Voss, John Drager, and Lori McConville.  (Photo from Kathy Bergan Schmitt’s Facebook page.)

Four candidates are running for the four Trustee slots, according to Kathy Bergan Schmitt’s Facebook page.

  • Kelli Wegener
  • Cheryl Voss
  • Lori McConville
  • Nan Kueller


Nunda Township Democrats Roll Out Clerk, Trustee Candidates — 6 Comments

  1. Correction: The Nunda Democratic candidate for town clerk is Cheryl Voss.
    The trustee candidates are:
    Nan Kueller
    Kelli Wegener
    Lori J. McConville
    John Darger

  2. The Nunda Township Republican Primary will be held Tuesday, February 28, 2017.

    The following are candidates for the primary election with some typo corrections and notes.

    The offices each have 4 year terms.


    Township Supervisor:

    Lee Jennings (incumbent)

    Catherine Lee Williams

    Michael Walkup (incumbent McHenry County Board Member for County Board District 3.


    Township Clerk

    Joni Smith (incumbent; no challenger)


    Township Assessor

    Justin Franzke

    Mark Dzemske (incumbent)


    Highway Commissioner

    Iron Mike Lesperance (incumbent)

    Eric Dowd


    Township Trustee (vote for maximum of four)

    Karen Tynis – incumbent

    Mike Shorten – incumbent

    Edward Dvorak (Ed Dvorak) – incumbent

    William Boltz (Bill Boltz) – incumbent

    Tim Parrish

    Robert “Rob” Parrish

    Debra Heath



    The general election will be held Tuesday April 4, 2017.

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