McHenry Dems & New Party for Incumbents Candidacies Challenged

Don’t have the paperwork yet, but word has reached McHenry County Blog that challenges have been filed with the McHenry Township Clerk against the caucus slating of McHenry County Democrats and the petitions of the mainly appointed Republican incumbent township office holders, who are running under a newly-organized party.

Township Supervisor Craig Adams and Township Trustee candidate Sue Draffkorn, both elected Republican Precinct Committeemen, have send letters of resignation to McHenry County Republican Party Chairman Sandra Salgado.

Republican Precinct Committeemen held a caucus nominating

  • Steve Verr for Supervisor
  • Steve Koerber for Road Commissioner
  • Dan Alyward for Township Clerk
  • Mike Rakestraw for Township Trustee
  • Bill Cunningham for Township Trustee
  • Bob Anderson for Township Trustee
  • Stan Wojewsk for Township Trustee


McHenry Dems & New Party for Incumbents Candidacies Challenged — 14 Comments

  1. What happened with Don Lockhart and the request for him to resign as Committeeman?

  2. They are challenging because they know they cannot win.

    Thus the Caucus, Challenges and anything else they can do to run unopposed.

    Almost sounds as bad as being appointed boys –

    At least the appointed folks had to interview.

    Run a race and let the people decide who wins…..

    Because you know.

    You Won’t.

  3. The blog reported on November 7, 2016 the McHenry County Republican Central Committee asked Marengo Mayor Don Lockhart to pull his support of Jack Franks or resign as Marengo Township Precinct 2 Committeeman.

    Not sure if he did either.

  4. Heh, heh …the Conservatives, tax fighters and pro-Family people finally took back the McHenry Township GOP Organization ….

    something I wish would happen in Nunda!

    The pack rat McHenry Township ‘incumbents’ jumped ship because they valued their do-nothing jobs more than GOP membership.

    So be it!

    Dan Alyward(Sp?), Steve Veer(sp?0, and Steve Rooney should be congratulated for cleaning out the reeking nest of fatcats!

  5. Sue Draffkorn lost her long-held GOP County Board seat to two newbies.


    BC folks are FED UP with lying politicos like her.

    Now she’s out of the GOP!!!

    G R E A T ! ! !

    She’s part of the whole taxation problem in McHenry County!

    Voted for all kinds of VERY costly luxuries, while she feathered her own soiled nest!

    She claimed IMRF pension time for doing very, very little. Her hours claimed should be examined.

    I don’t think she can justify her pension based on her poor job performance and County Board attendance.

  6. I filed some of the challenges.

    Need copies Cal?

    I’m not running for anything, but don’t much like the appointment process of the incumbents, the “sudden” election year tax levy reduction…but mostly I don’t like the formally stated false accusations by their new slate…that the Republican Party “chose” a caucus when we were actually led there by them…and we voted unanimously against a caucus in their very presence.

    I don’t like their mean spirited devisive rhetoric.

    The Republican nominees, voted in by hundreds (not by interviewing with 3) are heroes for stepping in and standing up to the insiders.

    Verr promised to reduce his salary from 75K to 21k as soon as legally possible. (It might be legally difficult but the tax reduction spirit is genuine and if anyone can make it happen, Verr can).

  7. “No indication that he did.

    His name is still on the County Clerk’s web site”

    Great follow up by McHenry County GOP Leadership.

    I guess if you support Primm or Kenneally you get a pass.

    Is that how it goes in this county?

  8. All we can do is call on a PC to resign.

    He is elected, can’t be forced out.

    A “stand up” man of honor would resign if called to do so.

    Not Lockhart.

  9. Another point regarding Marengo.

    How would they reduce the property tax levy 10%, if they need funding for the Route 23 / I-90 interchange.

    Marengo voted for Jack Franks for County Board Chair, whose campaign platform was centered around cutting the property tax levy 10% in every property taxing district in the county.

  10. Is it true that Townships can accept monetary gifts?

    If so, a newly elected Supervisor could donate part, or all, of the salary to the Township?

    Of course the refund to the Township would have to exclude the FICA share for the Supervisor.

    That way you would not have to wait four years for the taxpayers to be rewarded from the tax reduction.

  11. Wow!

    I never thought of that!

    I bet all kinds of non for profits would love to take the remainder of Mr.Verrs new salary!

    Imagine all the possibilities; Moose Lodge, Lions Club, Senior programs and even the food bank!

    That way when Bob Anderson dismembers the township we can at least say they did something for the old and poor.

  12. Hey ‘TeaPartryPooper’ ….

    why do you back the township doofs?

    Are you one of ’em?

    I’m an independent, but I always look at the people.

    I’ll be voting for the GOP as far township goes in McHenry Township.

    It’s a sinking Titanic Town’ship’ … and I’m sick of the rotten taxes that are bled from me for all the freeloaders!

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