Harvard High School Fight, Pre-Christmas Walmart Thefts

From the Harvard Police Department blotter:


On 12-13-16 at 1123 hrs, two Harvard Youths (m-15 yoa and m-17 yoa) were issued a Non-Traffic Notice to Appear citation for Assault under City of Harvard Ordinance after they were involved in two separate physical altercations at the Harvard High School, 1103 N. Jefferson St. Both Harvard Youths received court dates of 01-23- 17 at 1330 hrs and released to school officials.

Harvard's Walmart

Harvard’s Walmart


On 12-15-16 at 1430 hrs, an Associate (m-20 yoa) from Walmart, 21101 McGuire Rd, Harvard reported on Sunday, 12-11-16 at approximately 1940 hrs an unknown male subject had concealed a Bluetooth speaker under his clothing and left the store without paying for it. Under Investigation


On 12-16-16 at 1834 hrs, an Associate (m-20 yoa) from Walmart, 21101 McGuire Rd, Harvard reported on Thursday, 12-15-16 at approximately 1513 hrs an two unknown male subjects took dental products off the shelf and then obtained a gift card after returning the items that were never paid for. Under Investigation.


On 12-18-16 at 1749 hrs, an Associate (m-20 yoa) from Walmart, 21101 McGuire Rd, Harvard reported on Thursday, 12-15 16 at approximately 1958 hrs an unknown male subject had concealed two tablets on his person and left the store without paying for them. Under Investigation As a result of the investigation George Herrera (m-30 yoa), 715 W Metzen St, Harvard was arrested for Retail Theft on a McHenry County Warrant. Herrera was transported to the McHenry County Jail in lieu of bond.


On 12-20-16 at 1741 hrs, George Herrera (m-30 yoa) 315 Ridgelane Dr. Apt #1H, Harvard, was arrested for Retail Theft in the 100 blk of Airport Rd during a traffic stop after he was observed by a Wal-mart Asset Protection Associate concealing items and pass the last point of sale without paying for the items on 12-19-16. Herrera was transported to the McHenry County Jail in lieu of bond.


Harvard High School Fight, Pre-Christmas Walmart Thefts — 7 Comments

  1. The City of Harvard has a referendum question on the Tuesday April 4, 2017 election ballot.

    “Shall the extension limitation under the Property Tax Extension Limitation Law for the City of Harvard, McHenry County, Illinois, be increased from the lesser of 5% or the percentage increase in the Consumer Price Index over the prior levy year to 15.7% per year for 2018?


    Jack Franks campaigned for County Board Chair with a Cut 10 campaign to lower the levy of all property taxing districts (that would include the City of Harvard) in McHenry County by 10%.

    So will Jack Franks speak out against this Harvard Referendum?

    What is the Jack Franks plan to lower the City of Harvard property tax levy by 10%?

    Given that that City of Harvard is asking for a levy increase.


    Jack Franks defeated Mike Walkup in the November 8, 2016 County Board Chair election in every Harvard precinct.


    Jack Franks said he would deliver his plan to cut the levy of every property taxing district in McHenry County by 10%, on his first day in office.

    Jack Franks’ first day as McHenry County Board Chair was December 5, 2016 (he took the oath of office that day).

    Jack Franks still has not released his plan to cut property taxes 10% in every property taxing district int he County, over 3 weeks after taking the oath of office.

  2. Exactly Wizard.

    When you ‘import poverty’ this is what you get.

    The entitlement crowd and mentality.

    God help us all.

    Wonder if Harvard has as many bums as Woodstock?

    Woodstock has bums begging, pissing in the alley ways and sometimes right in the town square!

    What the Hell is that Mayor doing about it?


    Elect someone else this coming election, Woodstock!!!

  3. There is the spirit of Christ at work among the anonymous bloggers.

    The “bums” you are talking of are homeless human beings, our brothers and sisters. Many are veterans, some have mental illnesses, some are unlucky, and yes, some are difficult, closed-minded, make bad decisions, and can be unpleasant bigots.

    Thus, they are much like the non homeless.

    As far as “begging,” whether it’s a guy on a sidewalk, a Salvation Army bell ringer, or some charitable foundation calling on the phone, just say “no” if you don’t want to give.

    In none of those circumstances are you required to become angry enough to insult a stranger.

  4. Guadalaharvard …………… is this next:http://dunyanews.tv/en/Crime/339439-Seven-bodies-found-outside-Mexicos-Guadalajara.

    Hey St. Martin, self defense is nature’s eldest law.

    Quit importing Third Worlders and you’ll see a stark drop in Third world crime. diseases, tarffic jams, etc.

    What about our quality of life.

    If I illegally immigrated to Mexico …I’d be in jail and I wouldn’t be getting any handouts.

    I feel sorry for ’em here … they are mostly good people … but guess what:

    THEY DON’T BELONG HERE and the rats who accompany them hurt me and my family.

    Go to Mexico if you want to do social work!

  5. Different bigotry, Winter.

    There are few or no undocumented immigrants among the McHenry Co homeless.

    None in PADS.

    As for the crime wave, statistics do not support your prejudice.

    And locally, the three biggest crimes in the Herald recently are the business embezzler from Marengo, the cop who killed while driving drunk, and the stalker-murderer.

    White, establishment citizens.

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