Nepotism Issue in Dundee Township Road Commissioner Race

An article in the Chicago Tribune-owned Elgin Courier-News points to nepotism by the incumbent as an issue in the Dundee Township’s Republican Primary Election for Road Commissioner.

But a little research indicates that may be the least of his problems.

The incumbent is Larry Braasch, first elected in 2001.

He was arrested in Myrtle Beach, as explained by this Facebook page.


The article sprang from a press release from opponent Scott Sinnett, who owns Sinnett Excavating.

Sinnett supports the Dundee Township Republican Central Committee’s anti-nepotism/cronyism resolution approved last fall.

He wrote the following on his Facebook page:

Scott Sinnett

Scott Sinnett

“I support the Dundee Township Republican’s resolution against hiring relatives.”Township jobs are good jobs and should be open to all residents.

“When elected officials hire relatives, it is inevitable that taxpayers feel that family members have an unfair advantage.”

Michael Rogers

Michael Rogers

Michael Rogers is the other candidate in the contest.

He writes on his Facebook page:

“Corruption, nepotism, and pensions are strangling our state.

“I’m running for Dundee Highway Commissioner to reign in these abuses in our township.

nepotism-stop-on-white-boardI will #TermLimit myself to two terms.

“I support #FreezingPropertyTaxes.

“I also pledge to end the culture of nepotism, I will not be hiring my wife.”

Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Bob Miller is also being attacked as a result of having members of his family on his office’s payroll.

The Algonquin Township GOP passed an anti-nepotism resolution.

The front of the Algonquin Township Republican Party's handout on nepotism.

The front of the Algonquin Township Republican Party’s handout on nepotism.

The back of the Algonquin Township Republican Party's literature on nepotism.

The back of the Algonquin Township Republican Party’s literature on nepotism.

Miller’s wife, Anna May, who is employed by her husband, lost her bid for re-election to the County Board in the spring Republican Primary Election at least partially on the issue of nepotism.


Nepotism Issue in Dundee Township Road Commissioner Race — 5 Comments

  1. So, what is/was the disposition of this matter ?

    Will he have to be registered as a sex offender if found guilty ?

  2. Only the sickest lowest scums of the Earth perverts touch themselves around children!

  3. Myrtle Beach is in Horry County.

    The charge code and description was:

    0891-Breach / Breach of peace, non aggravated in nature.

    The case is ongoing.

    There was no report he exposed himself, touched the private parts of a minor, groomed a minor, recorded the private parts of a minor, all of which if convicted in Illinois would likely result in one being listed on the Illinois sex offender registry.

    The laws vary by state.

    Not sure if a guilty conviction of the above charge would land one on the South Carolina Sex Offender Registry.


    The age of consent issue did not arise in the news reports.

    But a lot of people are unaware of the following.

    In Illinois in the age of consent is 17 unless one is in a position of trust or authority, such as a teacher, in which case the age of consent is 18.

    So in Illinois a teacher can legally have sex with an 18 year old high school student.

    The law could be changed by the Illinois General Assembly.

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