Franks Not Mentioned for Governor

Thee was a time after family and friends kicked hundreds of thousands of dollars into his campaign fund that State Rep. Jack Franks was among those mentioned as potential gubernatorial candidates.

No longer, however.

This weekend, the Chicago Sun-Times ran a story giving mini-biorgraphies of possible Democratic Party candidates to challenge Republican Bruce Rauner.

State Rep. and McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks was not mentioned in the Chicago Sun-Times’ story about 2018 potential Democratic Party gubernatorial candidates.

Jack Franks’ name was not among those mentioned, even though he won election to County Board Chairman in McHenry County in November.


Franks Not Mentioned for Governor — 4 Comments

  1. One can only hope they are right and his chips are all cashed in.

  2. It’s unlikely Lisa Madigan will run for Governor while her father is Speaker of the State House of Representatives.

  3. I think Lisa Madigan missed her chance to become governor.

    The Madigan name is rather toxic these days.

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