Crystal Lake Set to Ban Transient Vendors

“Transient and itinerant vendors” will be banned from the corporate limits of Crystal Lake once an ordinance passed by the Crystal Lake City Council on Tuesday night takes effect.

And, it takes effect as soon as the official documents are signed.

The stimulus was the tent selling Cubs stuff on Route 14 in front of the closed liquor store.


Crystal Lake Set to Ban Transient Vendors — 12 Comments

  1. CL at it’s best, no tents, no pawn shops, no electronic signs….

    CL you are a joke!

  2. Would this not have fallen under the “No permit” No Sellie? rule?

    or did they never have this rule as part of the plan?

  3. They’re getting as bad as Lakewood!

    Lakewood is so pretentious to have even banned the ice-cream man under the no itinerant venders clause.

  4. Just part of the “if you don’t pay CL taxes, you are not welcome” policy.

  5. Anyone have a link to the exact wording?

    Commenting with the facts can lead to wrong conclusions.

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