Former LITH Deputy Police Chief Indicted for Child Sex Crimes

Alan Bokowski

The following indictments were returned yesterday by the McHenry County Grand Jury:

Alan R. Bokowski, born June 7, 1956.
Address:  1382 Dola Rosa Lane, Crystal Lake.

Indicted for

  • 3 Counts of Criminal Sexual Assault
  • 5 counts of Aggravated Criminal Sexual Abuse

He was previously arrested on the same counts by the Crystal Lake Police Department.


Former LITH Deputy Police Chief Indicted for Child Sex Crimes — 11 Comments

  1. Better Government Association

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    Alan R Bokowski

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    Creditable Service – 25 years

    Accumulated Contributions – $115,126

    Retire Date – August 3, 2006

    Benefit Date – August 4, 2006

    Salary Used – $92,123

    Original Benefit – $59,880

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  2. Mark, what the heck do these numbers mean to anybody.

    The guys a pervert and will be dealt with.

    The next thing you’ll print is how many times he goes to the bathroom a day.

    Then 3 min. later you will post if he uses Charmin or Scott toilet paper.

    Then after another 4 min. you’ll post what he ate for breakfast after he retired in 2006.

  3. Between this and the Sgt who just got arrested in Lake Geneva, I’ll bet morale is just wonderful at the LITH Police Department right now.

    I wonder who screens their applicants?

  4. You can screen applicants until you’re blue in the face but don’t really know them until they get caught.

    Look at John Gacy, He was a well liked member in his community, had a business in his town, belonged to the Chamber of Commerce and Rotary Club. Was highly respected in his church and was a clown at all the community activities.

    Yes he was great until they found all those dead bodies under his house.

    All the many Priests who they found out molested kids.

    Men of God until they got caught.

    Sorry to say but no one really knows what anyone is like.


    I hope this guy gets a lot of time in jail where he belongs.

  5. My experience is that the real low-lifes kiss a**, stab others in the back and get promoted through the ranks.

    Show me 10 supervisors in law enforcement and I’ll show you 7 pieces of sh**.

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  7. He’s a BIG Woodstock Mayor Sager supporter!

    Were the children males????

  8. Message to CP: YOU are right on Target!!!

    Bravo …. somebody with a spine!

  9. Mr alan bokowsky the LITH cop pervert used to live next door to us for 12 years our young daughter was always asked by him to come in his house or garage to see something

    i always forbid her I knew he was weird I could just tell by his ways.

    I believe he used to look into our kitchen and watch us so we put a big blind up on our deck and a 6 ft fence so glad my intuition was right!!!!

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