McHenry Township Electoral Boards Make No Decision, Except to Delay

Craig Adams arguing that Steve Verr should not be allowed on the ballot.

Various configurations of the McHenry Township Electoral Board, configured carefully by Township Attorney James G. Militello III to avoid direct conflicts of interest, met over a four-hour period on Wednesday.

Steve Verr making his case.

Arguments were made on two cases, one brought by Township Supervisor Craig Adams against the candidacy of Republican Steve Verr extensively.

Adams’ main argument was that Verr’s candidacy was infalid because each person attending the GOP nominating caucus was not allowed an equal vote.

He based his argument on the Illinois State Constitution.

In questioning by Verr, Adams admitted that he took part on the long Township Republican Central Committee meeting that devised the rules, although Adams did not approve of several aspects, including the weighted voting given to GOP Precinct Committeemen.

Adams also admitted serving as Township Supervisor and having been appointed as a Republican (and still serving in that office) while running as an Independent.

The questioning by Verr was extensive with points made, even though overruled by Electoral Board Chairman David Stone, seeming setting the stage for a court fight.

Clerk of the GOP Caucus, Steve Rooney put in the record that those nominated won on both the weighted basis and on a one person, one vote count.

Argument was made that Adams complaint was made a day after the deadline set by the Illinois State Board of Elections.

The rebuttal from Adams was that the Township Calendar was set a year before and on the web site.

A McHenry Township Electoral Board composed of Supervisor Craig Adams, Trustee Neal Schepler and Clerk Marsha Nelson about whose impartiality Republican Steve Verr said he would challenge in court.

On behalf of other candidates, Verr challenged the composition of other boards that were composed entirely of incumbent McHenry Township officials who were running together against the Republican and Democratic Party caucus slates.

There were thirty candidate objections filed.

The main result was that they were continued, mainly until 1:30 on Friday afternoon.


McHenry Township Electoral Boards Make No Decision, Except to Delay — 4 Comments

  1. Maybe this time I wont have my comment deleted but this is a big waste of taxpayer dollars.

    Sounds like Steve is afraid to run against the competition rather he would just like to get everyone thrown off the ballot so he can waltz right in.

  2. machone, not a waste of time, this is called Freedom.

    With freedom we have laws, they must be followed.

    In this case Mr. Verr has every right, this will show true ethics to show how the game is to be played.

    If you have a cheater at the very beginning, he/she should not even play politics.

    Honesty is what we need.

  3. How sick is this???

    What a Kangaroo Court!

    Doesn’t Militello have a conflict of interest?

    Good luck to Verr, hope he doesn’t get infected with hantavirus cleaning out the Township rats’ nest!

  4. A caucus is supposed to be open to all Republicans so they can have an equal vote on choosing Republican candidates.

    The fact that these…”people” in charge engineered a stacked “weighted vote” that elevated Republican Committeemen, and effectively shut out and disenfranchised the average Republican voter?

    In my opinion, it’s a testament to just how slimey Illinois politics can get, even in the hands of so-called self-proclaimed “reformers” like Bob Anderson and the rest of these “Republican” candidates…

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