Your Legislature’s Work Product – New Laws as of January 1, 2017 – Part 9

State Senator Karen McConnaughay sent a list of the laws that took effect on January 1st.  Below is a continuation of them:

Local Government

MWRD Officer (SB 2533/PA 99-0736): Authorizes the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District executive director to appoint, with board approval, an administrative services officer. Exempts the administrative services officer position from classified civil service.

Local Public Employee Indemnification (SB 1102/PA 99-0461): Prohibits state and local public entities from providing representation for or indemnifying any state or local employee in 1) any criminal proceeding in which the employee is a defendant or 2) any criminal investigation in which the employee is the target. However, state and local entities can provide representation for an employee who is a witness in a criminal matter arising out of that employee’s employment with the state or the local government entity.

Transfer of Legal Title (SB 2842/PA 99-0743): Requires transfer of legal title of real property to a trust in writing to provide that an interest in real property does not become trust property unless the transfer is recorded in the office of the Recorder of the County in which the property is located.

IMRF Separation Benefit Act (SB 2972/PA 99-0747): Allows a participant who is terminating service with the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund to elect a separation benefit rather than a retirement annuity if his or her annuity would be less than $100 (now $30) per month.

Administrative Adjudication (SB 3284/PA 99-0754): Allows any county to provide administrative adjudication for units of local government (within the county boundaries) where the county and the unit have entered into an intergovernmental agreement.

Local Government Travel Expenses (HB 4379/PA 99-0604): Requires that non-home rule units of local government, community colleges, and school districts create a regulation and documentation process for travel, meal, and lodging expenses.

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