Mike Tryon Reflects on Public Career

A message from Mike Tryon:

Mike Tryon, Karen McConnaughay and Steve Andersson.

This will be my final newsletter as your State Representative, as my retirement becomes official next week on Wednesday.

It has been the honor of my lifetime to have served as your voice in Springfield for the last 12 years, and as a member and as Chairman of the McHenry County Board for 16 years prior to that.

Throughout my time in the General Assembly, I always advocated for term limits.

I have often said that I felt 12 years was an adequate amount of time to learn the job, create the necessary relationships, and to push through bills that are beneficial to a specific constituency.

To aid with a smooth transition of the seat, the new State Representative for the 66th District, Allen Skillicorn of East Dundee, has chosen to move into my existing office, so the address and phone number will not change.

As of Wednesday, January 11, you may reach him through a contact form that will be available at www.repskillicorn.com.

Pam Althoff was State Senator in Mike Tryon’s district for most of his time in Springfield.

As I prepare for the next chapter of my life, I have spent a great deal of time lately looking back at accomplishments, challenges, and the many friendships I have made during my time as a public servant.

These last 28 years have truly been a wonderful experience for me.

As I represented the people of McHenry and Kane Counties first on the McHenry County Board and then in the General Assembly, I realize that it was not possible to make everyone happy all of the time.

But please know that every decision I made was thoroughly researched and examined through a lens of what would be best for the majority of my constituents, and in some cases, for the entire State of Illinois.

I stand by my voting record proudly, and have no regrets.

Mike Tryon serves on House Republican Leader Jim Durkin’s inner circle.

It has also been an honor to have served for the last four years as a member of the House Republican Leadership Team in Springfield.

Under the leadership of House Republican Leader Jim Durkin, I was part of a 10-member team of House Republicans that set the House Republicans’ policy agenda and also our response to legislation from the other side of the aisle that we viewed as damaging for our State and for those who live here.

As a cohesive team, we worked hard to promote beneficial legislation and to stop the reckless spending initiatives that were brought forward by some members.

Mike Tryon, Pam Althoff and Jack Franks pose with some local mayors.

It would be impossible to list one bill that was my greatest achievement, but I will write about a few initiatives that I believe have had the greatest positive impact on the highest number of people:

Public Act 94-0976- Re-write of the Property Tax Extension Limitation Law (PTELL): This rewrite closed a loophole that relates to tax rates as they apply to taxing districts that have approved a referendum. Since its approval, this law has saved Illinoisans millions in property taxes.

Mike Tryon speaking on the House Floor.

Public Act 96-0225- Creation of the Illinois Transparency Portal: This law created an easy-to-use, searchable online database where taxpayers can go and see how their tax dollars are being spent. Since the approval of the initial bill, I approved many other bills that enhanced the site to where today, all salaries, contracts and other state expenditures are available for public viewing online. It was one of the first government transparency portals in the nation and has been duplicated as a model in many other states that wish to promote transparent government.

Public Act 96-0093- Creation of One of the Nation’s First Veterans’ Court Systems: This law provides veterans facing non-violent criminal charges while suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or other service-related disabilities with a therapeutic sentence rather than a criminal one.

Mike Tryon at a press conference.

Public Act 98-1027- Reforms to Curb Corruption, Waste and Inefficiency within the Mass Transit Boards: While serving as the Republican Spokesperson for the State’s Mass Transit Committee, I worked for over a year to negotiate this bill with representatives from the RTA, CTA, PACE and METRA boards. This law added much-needed transparency and accountability measures, including new requirements for public posting of financial and safety data, updated “revolving door” policies for outgoing employees, and strict guidelines and additional approval requirements for employee bonuses and/or severance agreements.

Sixteen Different Clean Water Bills: An advocate for the environment, I penned 16 different laws that address the environment and specifically food and water quality issues, including PA 96-0801, which helps prevent wastewater pollutants from being absorbed into ground soil where they can affect water quality. Other environmental bills eased burdensome restrictions on businesses in ways that were not harmful to the environment yet were beneficial to job creation.

More than $300 Million in State Transportation Dollars to the 64th and 66th Legislative Districts: Just a few of the transportation improvements that included State funds I helped secure are the Algonquin Bypass, the full interchange at Interstate I-90 and Route 47 in Huntley, the widening of Route 47 through Huntley and work that is now underway for a Longmeadow Parkway Bridge across the Fox River in northern Kane County.

Mike Tryon speaks to the Legislative Diabetes Caucus.

Creation of the Nation’s First Diabetes Caucus: As an individual who was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes in 2005, I joined with other lawmakers in creating the nation’s first Legislative Diabetes Caucus in 2011. As a founding member and primary spokesperson for the caucus, I led efforts to approve legislation that helps those diagnosed with Type I and Type II Diabetes and their caregivers and to promote diabetes awareness and education.

Again, as I look back on these and other initiatives, I feel good about stepping down, knowing I had a role in creating public policy that has improved the lives of the people I have represented.

In retirement I look forward to spending more time with my wife, who has sacrificed greatly in support of my public service, and with my children and grandchild.

I am excited about this new chapter, and will always have very fond memories of my life of public service on behalf of the people of the State of Illinois, and here locally in McHenry and Kane Counties.


Mike Tryon Reflects on Public Career — 11 Comments

  1. Good!

    I’m tired of asking you to do things that you have no intention of doing.

    (Like stand up for your constituents instead of your green agenda crappola.)

    Good riddance!

  2. He is the Mark Kirk of the Illinois General Assembly.

    I shall not miss him one bit.

  3. Another Jack Franks supporter out!

    Next, Althoff and Barb.

    Keep close watch on Reick – his “Franks, good guy” commercial may be an indication of which side of the fence he walks.

  4. Maybe Mike Tryon would share the bill numbers he put forth to close the loop holes of a IL balanced budget and spending tax $$$$ on other things than contributing to the pension fund?

  5. Thank you so much for your years of conscientious service to your constituents.

    Enjoy your well-earned retirement.

    Maybe you should consider starting a blog.

  6. Tryon was a faker from day one …… when things really change in Illinois, as they assuredly must some bright beautiful day, the lying POS known as Mike tryon will be extradited from his villa in Costa Rica, and tarred and feathered in Crystal Lake’s public square.

    I’ll be selling programs, recounting his MANY crimes against Illinois taxpayers as well as his MANY lies and deceptions… mention this blog and I’ll give you one …. gratis!

  7. Oh look who is hanging off of the tail of the tax increaser right where he is most comfy bottom feeders and not republicans but had to get in the pic !

  8. McHenry County College

    October 17, 2012

    County Board Executive Referendum Debate Sponsored by Patriots United

    Jack Franks v Michael Tryon

    At that time Ken Koehler was the McHenry County Board Chair.


    YouTube clip from the debate follows.



    NoCountyCzar channel

    published on October 19, 2012

    “Mike Tryon explains the County Executive Referendum at a forum with Jack Franks at MCC on 10-17-12.”



    The County Executive referendum failed on November 6, 2012.

    Meaning, McHenry County voters did not approve changing the county form of government to County Executive, which would have resulted in a voter elected County Executive.

    Yes – 41,563 – 35.62%

    No — 75,118 – 64.38%

    results source: Ballotpedia


    History of McHenry County Board Chairs

    2016 – currently in office: Jack Franks (State Representative 1989 – January 2017)

    2014 – 2016: Joe Gottemoller (currently County Board District 3 member)

    2012 – 2014: Tina Hill

    2004 – 2012: Ken Koheler (currently on the Metra Board)

    1998 – 2004: Michael Tryon (State Representative 2005 – January 2017)

    1992 – 1998: Dianne Klemm

    1988 – 1992: Ann Hughes

    1984 – 1988: Edward J Buss (at that time board rules limited one to 4 years as Board Chair)

    1982 – 1984: Clint Claypool

    1980 – 1982: Ronald J Morris

    Chairman take office in December.

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