Craig Adams Arguments for Kicking GOP McHenry Township Clerk Candidate Dan Aylward Off the Ballot

McHenry Township Supervisor Craig Adams filed a complaint against the candidacy of Dan Alyward, nominated without opposition at the McHenry Township Republican Central Committee Caucus.

Craig Adams

Adams, who is running as an Independent for the job to which he was appointed as a Republican, contended that the “caucus should be deemed a public election” and, therefore, subjected to the one man-one vote provision of court cases decided by the U.S. Supreme Court.

He said the weighted voting procedure utilized “goes against the spirit of the law” and it was not “specifically authorized by law.”

Adams asserted that the way the caucus voted “was not equal, a clear violation of the constitution.”

Public member David Stone asked Adams why he did not attend the caucuse.

Adams replied that he “knew the deck was stacked.”

Steve Verr, GOP candidate for Township Supervisor acting as an attorney for his running mate, drew from Adams that he thought the caucus was “the same as an election.”

Verr pointed out that a caucus is run by a party, while an election is rung by public officials.

Adams argued that a caucus “can form their own rules as long as they don’t violate the constitution.”

Verr asked about the constitutional references in the written complaint, to which Adams did not have specific knowledge.

At that point Verr asked who help him prepare the document.

“Jim Kelly” was the answer.

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A summary of what happened to the McHenry Township candidates Friday can be found here.


Craig Adams Arguments for Kicking GOP McHenry Township Clerk Candidate Dan Aylward Off the Ballot — 5 Comments

  1. NWH posted late today:

    “In one of his last acts as a state lawmaker, Rep. Jack Franks, D-Marengo, amended an existing Senate bill to carry the legislation freezing property taxes. It seeks to set a tax cap of zero percent on all taxing bodies in the state, including home-rule units – the only way local governments could receive any increase is by voter referendum.”

  2. The only thing Grieg Adams cares about is how much money he can make for as little work as possible, he Is a big part of why our taxes are so ridiculously high!

    My advice to Craig Adams, try working for a living instead of stealing it from the tax payers

  3. The reason Adams did not attend the caucus is that he was prohibited by law to do so.

    Anyone even signing a Petition for an independent candidate for the position was prohibited.

    He signed…was a circulator for others… As well as being a candidate himself.

    He prevailed in kicking repubs off the ballot because the a majority of the jury (election board) deciding the case were adams own running mates.

    The Tyrants for McHenry Township First.

  4. Sicko Adams …. what a creep!

    Remember that name taxpayers:

    He’s your enemy along with his township mice:

    Neal “Schepler,” and Craig Wallace!

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