Complaint from a County Board Member

Yvonne Barnes

At the Finance Committee meeting on Wednesday, McHenry County Board member Yvonne Barnes noted that Thursday’s Committee of the Whole meeting agenda packet “was blank.”

She said she had to wait until the County Board’s January 17th agenda was posted before she could find out what would be considered.

Barnes said when the Board agenda packet was published it included items that had not yet been approved by committees, including the committee on which she was sitting.

“That’s not transparency,” she said.

“People want time to contact staff and County Board members.

County Board Chairman Jack Franks is in charge of setting agendas.


Complaint from a County Board Member — 8 Comments

  1. Thanks, Yvonne.

    Is there anyone else on the County Board that will, at least, make an attempt to look like they’re doing there job??

    If there are any, please post.

  2. Jack Franks is out of control.


    Xout42’s URL returns an error.

    The agenda packet at the URL under Andrew Gasser’s COW agenda is 1 page.

    1 page is not an agenda packet, but an agenda.

    The whole point of an agenda packet is supporting documentation for the agenda items.

  3. Thank you, Cal.

    I did what you suggested to someone(elsewhere) and I see that I used the wrong word above.

    Please excuse my sleepy use of sited when I of course meant to say cited.

  4. The January 11, 2017 Committee of the Whole Agenda packet is still 1 page.

    There is still information missing from the agenda packet.

    Here is the Agenda for that meeting.

    1. Call to Order

    2. Pledge of Allegiance

    3. Introductory Roll Call

    4. Public Comment

    5. Reports and Presentation.

    – Strategic Plan Development Process.

    – New Growth Presentation.

    – Electronic Voting Update.

    6. New Business.

    – Review the January 17, 2017 County Board agenda items.

    7. Administrator’s Report

    8. Other

    9. Executive Session

    10. Motion to Adjourn

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