Deal Between McHenry Township Republican Factions Puts All on Ballot

Like Lazarus coming back from the dead, McHenry Republican candidacies for Township Trustee and Clerk regained ballot access in short meetings of various McHenry Township Electoral Boards Thursday morning.

Attorneys Steve Verr and Jim Kelly discussed the agreement they have reached to allow both sides on the ballot.

The candidacies of the five Republican candidates, selected by caucus, had been previously terminated by Electoral Boards.

They were

  • Dan Aylward – Clerk
  • Mike Rakestraw – Trustee
  • Bill Cunningham – Trustee
  • Stan Wojewksi – Trustee
  • Bob Anderson – Trustee

Hearings on the challenges to the Independent candidates, most of whom were appointed as and because they were members of the Republican Party, but who did not participate in the GOP Caucus, were supposed to be heard today.

Something happened, however, since Monday to convince both sides that it would be best to allow the fight to take place at the April 4th election.

To review what McHenry County Blog has been reporting, petition challenges were filed by

  • Republicans against Independents
  • Independents against Republicans
  • Democrats against Republicans
  • Republicans against Democrats

Prior to today, the challenges of Republicans against Democrats and Democrats against Republicans had been dismissed.

The Republican petition challenge was dismissed on lack of evidence; the Democratic Party’s was dismissed because the complainant was not in attendance when his petition was called.

Township Supervisor Craig Adams was the point man filing challenges against all of the Republican candidates.

Hearings concluded in a 2-1 vote to kick the GOP Trustee candidates off the ballot.

Adams and public member David Stone voted for that action, while public member Steve Haugh voted in opposition.  You can read the rationale here.

The arguments Adams used against GOP Clerk candidate Dan Alyward can be found here.

Two of Adams running mates, along with public member David Stone, comprised the Alyward Electoral Board–Trustees Gary Barla and Neal Shepler.

As of Friday, after the Clerk and Trustee candidates lost ballot access the Republican Party’s slate consisted of two people

  • Steve Verr for Supervisor
  • Steve Koerber for Road Commissioner

At the beginning of a series of very short hearings, Township Attorney James G. Militello III announced,

“All objectors have come to agreement that all objections will be withdrawn.”

Then there were a series of short meetings where motions were quickly passed.

One of the McHenry Township Electoral Boards that reinstated the Republican candidates who had previously been denied ballot access.  Seated are Public member David Stone, Township Supervisor Craig Adams and Township Clerk Marshal Nelson.

Now the Republican slate is back to full strength, minus a candidate for Assessor against incumbent Mary Mahady.

The Independents were spared going though petition challenges, which, based on past decisions, one might suspect their running mates would have dismissed.

Subpoenaed items included video of the township offices which would have shown whether certain filings were at 11:55 AM or 11:55 PM.  Both appeared and one the PM one was characterized as a “typo.”

That and other potentially damaging testimony now won’t go on the public record.

That means the Independents‘ slate is the following:

Supervisor – Craig Adams
Assessor – No candidate
Road Commissioner – James Condon
Clerk – Marsha Nelson

  • Garla Barla
  • Neal Schepler
  • Sue Draffkorn
  • Craig Wallace

Democrats on the ballot will be

Supervisor – No candidate
Assessor – Mary Mahady
Road Commissioner – No candidate
Clerk – Judith Gottlieb

  • Mary Ellen Shine
  • Sue Miller
  • Robert Beltran
  • Luis Eric Aquilar


Deal Between McHenry Township Republican Factions Puts All on Ballot — 12 Comments

  1. After three days and countless hours

    If it weren’t for the brilliant work Steven Veer this would’ve went on much longer

    A big thanks to Cal Skiner for his coverage and support


    Now on to April to win there!!

  2. Steve Verr and brilliant in the same sentence you are a moron

  3. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm…. what was Adams trying to hide?

    That’s my question.

    A board run by his running mates?


  4. The kangaroo court made up of incumbent “Independant” candidates (yes, incredibly the opposing candidates themselves sat as judges removing Republican’s from the ballot and dismissing their own wrongdoing) scurried when exposed to the white-hot truth brought by Steve Verr, that would have undoubtedly intensified under tthe appeal process.

    The screaming question is set forth by Swordfish.

  5. How can dually elected Republican candidates just be extrajudicially removed from the ballot?

    That is ridiculous, they won the primary caucus fair and square.

    Craig Adams and henchmen could have run in the caucus, but chose not to.

    This decision needs to be referred to the Woodstock courthouse for the obvious conflicts of interest of having Adams as a voting member on that board, a clear conflict of interest that played out in this decision.

  6. It’s an administrative hearing, the results of which, using only the evidence presented in the hearing, may be appealed to Circuit Court.

  7. I wonder what Adam’s running mates, especially Condon who would have had no opposition, think about the move to let everybody back on the ballot?

    Something stinks.

    But hey, that’s what township spongers do!

    They also have no shame or respect for the poor taxpaying ‘little people’.

    So, the township incumbents are the ‘independents’ trying to keep their gold-plated jobs from the Republican conservatives who say they are going to cut the bloated salaries of the township vipers. Interesting.

    I’d vote against the incumbents on principal anyway.

  8. So “reformers” like Bob Anderson can still get on an Illinois ballot through questionable back-room Republican insider deals?

    Deals like writing the rules of a “Republican caucus” to give Republican Committeemen a special “weighted vote,” turning them into Clinton-esque “super-delegates” with HUNDREDS of votes at their command, but giving the average Republican voter who shows up just one single, lonely vote?

    In Illinois, even the “reformers” benefit from insider party manipulations?

    What a surprise…

  9. And why should you?

    Don’t you have candidates from a rigged caucus you can vote for..?

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