Oakwood Hills President Thanks Road Commissioners

The following email has been received from Oakwood Hills Village President Paul Smith:


Paul Smith

I want to extend my personal THANK YOU to both Mike Lesperance of Nunda Township & Robert Miller of Algonquin Township for their kind, generous, and low cost options, as well as the excellent work they have provided The Village of Oakwood Hills with our Road Projects & Repairs.

Your service to our community is greatly appreciated.


Oakwood Hills President Thanks Road Commissioners — 22 Comments

  1. So Nunda and Algonquin are taking business away from local pavers?

    They don’t have enough work to validate their expenses and staffing levels so they are now ‘hiring’ the township staff to the highest bidder?

    Wow. Unbelievable.

  2. ANDREW GASSER for ALG TWNSP Road Commissioner!!!

    Fundraiser tonight at 85 Brink St, Crystal Lake.

    The 3 posters above are very astute!

  3. Oakwood Hills residence pay property taxes to both Township.

    Both townships have worked with municipal, county, and even IDOT.

    When gov agencies work together it benefits us all by saving some tax dollars.

    It’s a good thing to say thank you publicly as it informs the ignorant of what is actually happening.

    Sucking up works.

  4. Bobby Miller has proven for years that he is one of the very best road commissioners in our State.

  5. Just because you’re the best wagon wheel maker in the world doesn’t mean that society should have to purchase your services.

    Townships are outdated.

  6. Publius, how are they outdated?

    Is it because they are not union like most other gov agencies?

    Is it that smaller gov costs more?

  7. Ever hears is how efficient Township government is…

    But yet they have time/resources to dedicate to be a subcontractor for local municipalities?

    It’s dishonest and disingenuous.

  8. Unions would be cheaper than the rates currently paid to the Millers.

    Did anyone notice that now that we are in an election year, the Road Commissioner reduced the tax levy by 10%?

    In reality, the tax levy for the Algonquin Road District (as well as the Township) could be reduced 10% for the next six years and the Township would still have ample funds to pay for its public obligations.

    Read the Comprehensive Audits.

  9. Vote Andrew Gasser for Algonquin Township Road Commissioner!

    NO to family kingdoms at taxpayer’s expense!

  10. I don’t understand why I’d vote against my best interest and vote Gasser for this job.

    I’m not saying anything other than he isn’t fit to be the highway commissioner.

    We shouldn’t hand over an award winning township to someone with no experience.

    He says he’s anti-nepotism but he supports other members of the party (including head of the party and elected officials) who benefit from nepotism and he doesn’t say a thing about them.

    It makes no sense to me at all.

  11. Trump’s son-in-law, that’s not a nepotism problem either right?

  12. Martha- you are right.

    We are all better off with elected officials that pay out family salaries in excess of $400,000 annually and accumulate reserve taxpayer funds in excess of 3 times annual operating expenses.

    Township government for all its hokey pokey closest to the people crap is only closest in the fact that they are frist in line to bend you over a chair and give it to you in the pooter.

  13. Both Nunda and Algonquin Township highway commissioners assist their communities with projects, funding and good advice.

    The cooperation is perfectly legal and saves us all money in the end.

    It’s the public sector pensions.

    Until that changes everything else is pennies.

    I don’t believe anyone who campaigns on lowering taxes.

    It’s a lie and if you believe it you’re a fool.

    Bob Miller may have some faults but he is the bast highway commissioner in the state.

  14. NUNDA does nothing but High TAX its people and we are sick of it until you can show/prove to us you can Lower our Taxes then you will get my vote!

  15. How the hell would these people on here know someone is the ‘best highway commisioner’ ?

    Sounds like wife/son-in-laws trying to protect their dynasty.

    The Millers have abused their power, Bob’s as dumb as a rock and about as grateful as one, and he’s used that township to make his family rich on the taxpayers by overpaying his family members, using township equipment for personal use and even using township facility to store his friend’s RVs!

    So many have witnessed this abuse and are also sick of that family’s intimidation tactics and dirty political ploys!

    Let’s get honest people in there.

    Andrew’s worked for NASA, I’m sure he could exceed voters expectations as Road Commissioner and cost us a Lot less!

  16. Sounds like the Union boys and paving corporations on this page don’t like inter-governmental agreements that save taxpayers money?

    Too used to sucking up our tax dollars, snowflakes?

    Too bad.

    NON-UNION government and shared services are the future, so you better get used to it…

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