Karen McConnaughay Named Republican Senate Caucus Whip

A communication from State Senator Karen McConnaughay:

Do you want to learn more about the Senate budget framework?

I’m happy to report the Senate finished the 99th General Assembly strong, as a new chapter with the 100th General Assembly of Illinois begins. In recent weeks, I have seen hard work on both sides of the aisle, which has kept me optimistic about this upcoming year.

The Senate made significant steps forward, announcing a framework for a budget package with reforms, which was filed this past week. I continue to work with my colleagues from both parties as negotiations on this proposed budget continue. Hearings will be held on the package throughout this month and Senate leaders have indicated their intent is to move forward with a resolution as quickly as possible.

The newly proposed budget package addresses many issues, including workers’ compensation reform, pension reform, term limits and, notably, it is the first time we’ve seen a fiscal plan where revenues, the budget and reforms are all included as one package, and are all linked together–if one component of the proposal doesn’t pass, no piece passes. I am hopeful with these ongoing discussions and negotiations that a middle-ground can be found.

Karen McConnaughay

We saw the Senate further embrace that spirit of compromise when the body came together to unanimously pass a resolution imposing term limits on the positions of Senate President and Minority Leader.

I believe this action demonstrated a willingness from all members to set party affiliation aside and agree on issues where there is common ground, making it a strong start in the Senate to the 100th General Assembly.

I look forward to building on this positive momentum, and working with lawmakers from both caucuses in my new role as the Republican Caucus Whip.

It will be an honor to serve on the Senate Republican leadership team over the next two years.

Needless to say, the recent break in the budget logjam, coupled  with several other important issues we tackled this first time back to the Senate floor in 2017, has made for a busy week! To stay in the loop, I encourage you to sign up for my email newsletter to receive updates.

Of course, if you have any comments or concerns, please contact me at senator@karenmcconnaughay.com.


Karen McConnaughay
State Senator<
33rd District

McConnaughay looks forward to change with 100th General Assembly

The 33rd District State Senator underwent the inaugural process to be sworn-in to office of the 100th General Assembly on January 11th. Senator McConnaughay remains positive about the challenges and obstacles Illinois faces.

“Though the state continues to face difficult times, and many tough decisions must be made in the coming months, I am pleased by what I’ve seen in the recent weeks and days,” said McConnaughay.

“No matter the differences many of us face on a day-to-day basis, today we can all pause and take a moment to acknowledge the humbling privilege of serving in this body. The 100th General Assembly is a fresh start and I look forward to working with my colleagues to address our challenges, in order to make Illinois a state the citizens truly deserve.”

What do you think are the most critical issues facing Illinois? Your feedback is important to our government body. Please help Senator McConnaughay by filling out her short survey!

McConnaughay applauds Senate rule change imposing term limits 

The poster used in the kick-off press conference for Cal Skinner’s run for Governor as a Libertarian in 2002.

As a co-sponsor of Senate Resolution 3, Senator McConnaughay applauded the amendment to the Senate Rules that implemented limits of five terms of office for the positions of Senate President and the Minority Leader.

“I whole-heartedly believe this is a clear sign from the Illinois Senate that there is a commitment to facilitate change in how we do business,” said McConnaughay.

“While the Senate adopting term limits for the Senate President and Minority Leader is just a small step forward, I believe it demonstrates much-needed momentum as lawmakers gear up to tackle some of the most challenging issues facing this state.”

January 11th marked National Human Trafficking Awareness Day

January is the month of awareness for Human Trafficking, and earlier this week the day of January 11th is recognized as National Human Trafficking Awareness Day. Senator McConnaughay has been active in the fight against human trafficking and says bringing this form of modern day slavery into the spotlight is critical.

McConnaughay legislation assists crime victims through investment in trauma recovery centers

A proposal to aid victims of violent crime by focusing on trauma recovery efforts, now heads to the Governor. Senator McConnaughay sponsored legislation, Senate Bill 2872, which she said is just another step forward in the changes being made to Illinois’ criminal justice system. Read more

Keep track of nasty weather on Illinois roads

Nasty weather is in the forecast this weekend, but Illinois has a handy map of winter road conditions. Stay on top of the roads at Getting Around Illinois.

Senator spotlights top-selling realtor Diane Anderson

This week, Senator McConnaughay spotlights Diane Anderson, a successful realtor at Baird & Warner and owner of DIMARK INC, which is a construction company that builds and flips rental properties.

“Even aside from the incredible philanthropy Diane shows on a regular basis, her perseverance and talents are inspiring,” said Senator McConnaughay. “She’s at the top of her field, and she is dedicated to make Batavia a better place for those who need it most—and not even breast cancer could deter her. That’s character that should be celebrated.”


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  1. Typical Republican (in name only) who is willing to accept another TAX INCREASE!!!!!

    Where is pension reform?

    Where is the legislation to end prevailing wage?

    Where is the right to work legislation?

    Where is the legislation to stop funding illegal aliens?

    Already I have read about how the proposed “budget package” will result in further downgrades in the financial ratings for our State!

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