New State Comptroller Orders New Envelopes

Two years ago State Comptroller Judy Baar Topinka died after winning election.

Replacing her, appointed by Governor Bruce Rauner, was Leslie Munger after short term Democrat Jerry Stermer.

When Munger sent out W-2 forms in January, she used left over Topinka envelopes.

The envelope used by State Comptroller Susan Mendoza in 2017.

This January, W-2 forms from newly-elected Democrat Susana Mendoza didn’t use leftover envelopes from Munger.

Maybe there were none.


New State Comptroller Orders New Envelopes — 5 Comments

  1. Actually just last week Replacement Tax Checks were received with a “blacked-out” Munger name.

    Munger probably didn’t have many envelopes printe and by the time it came for these tax documents to be mailed, the Munger stock was depleted.

  2. If the elected would stop using state funds on signs, correspondence, buildings, and etc, to personally advertise, it would say boko tax $$$$$.

  3. Rank has its privileges, taxpayers be damned.

    Just ask any Illinois Democrat politician.

    When it comes to rank, nobody can beat their stench.

  4. Remember usage of the Nygren name everywhere?

    Don’t see the Prim name near as much.

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