Paula Yensen Withdraws Name from Consideration for Human Resources Committee Chairman

Paula Yensen

With Republican County Board members disturbed that McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks has hired two Democratic Party patronage workers without County Board authority, a majority was not satisfied that Human Resources would be chaired by Democrat Paula Yensen.

Seeing the writing on the wall, Yensen said,

“I’m not interested in being chair of HR.”

Franks then asked the Board to send the Human Resources Committee back to the Committee on Committees.

Yvonne Barnes argued for appointing the HR Committee at the meeting because

“It’s just delaying the inevitable. I have full confidence we could do it tonight.”

Franks pointed out that the man who the GOP majority was set to appoint as Chairman was running for an office which would be incompatible with serving on the County Board.

Franks did not mention the name, but it is Michael Rein, who led the fight to keep the HR Committee.

Rein is running for Woodstock Mayor against Brian Sager.

The vote to send it to the Committee on Committees was 13-10.


Paula Yensen Withdraws Name from Consideration for Human Resources Committee Chairman — 19 Comments

  1. So the two employees will continue to collect salaries for at least another month (probably 4 or 5).

  2. Can you identify the 13-10 voters ?

    And confirm M Rein’s plans? He would be the ideal chair for H & R.

    Thank you

  3. With all the Tom foolery, I think there should be more oversight.

    I think a committee of the committee of the committees could ensure the committee of the committees is making sure all committees are committed and not just committees paying lip service to the committee of the committees or indeed the committee of the committee of the committees.

    If that doesn’t work then there should be a committee of the committee of the committee of the committees…

  4. Not yet.

    I have requested it and other roll calls from County Clerk Mary McClellan.

  5. Paychecks for his two illegal hires should come out of Frank’s personal checkbook or his paycheck until this is resolved.

    That should get things resolved very quickly!

  6. Wow she sure wasted a lot of people’s time last night.

    All her cheerleaders that were handed ‘Paula Yensen’ name tags last night sat thru a very long and drawn out dog and pony show!

    She looks selfish and they look foolish.

    Some might say this was a wise move by the good doctor – (said with sarcasm of course) because I don’t think she wouldn’t have been voted in.

    BUT giving her the benefit of doubt if she would have been voted in she would have been expected to bring Franks up on his illegal hiring of staff.

    She couldn’t answer the question as to whether she would do that.

    I guess we know now the answer is ‘no’.

    Boy, these people like to waste others’ time for 15 minutes of very localized fame.

    That Elvis with the white hair chairman is a real bad actor. (and I don’t mean just in the theatrical sense)

  7. Listen to Franks’ acting during another one of his many long winded comments regarding the issue at 3:07:18

    Many in the audience were disgusted by Franks’ snide and unprofessional remarks throughout the entire 4+ hour meeting.

    Franks also felt the need to “school” board members after their comments, showing how little he respects the Board, staff and everyone who cared to listen or attend the meeting.

  8. One thing about ‘Lying Jack Franks’ and his dog and pony show is :

    You can’t say you weren’t warned.

  9. Oh we were warned, alright but some very naive and uneducated voted for him claiming:

    *He’s cut taxes in Springfield* to which they were Wrong!

    *He’s a good guy and kind of a friend of mine* to which they were also Wrong!


    Just because he likes to tout that he’s “working on things”, doesn’t mean he has the stones to get any of it done.

    Lesson #2:

    He’s no one’s friend.

    He will use you for money and votes to keep himself in some kind of power, period.

    The wannabe white-haired Elvis has no morals, ethics or integrity.

    Should’ve known better – any Super Delegate for Crooked Hillary should hold no political position!

  10. I think Yensen made a good decision to save her political career.

    Two denials to chair a committee would be ego crushing and it would be on record that she was bounced by the majority that doesn’t see her as fit or trustworthy to do the right thing.

    The fact that this went back to committee when it could’ve been handled right there and then (like Yvonne Barnes said) is obvious that the board members are being worn out and worn down due to these ridiculously run long drawn-out meetings and it’s no accident, People!


    Take your vitamins,

    Do your homework,

    Call fellow board members and

    Get your rest on the day of meetings so you can have the fortitude it takes to stay awake and look alive to fight this Tyrant.

    After all with the hiring of 2 recent assistants, Lyin’Jack Franks has all day to rest, primps for an hour or two before coming to the meeting and outlast you all.

    He has to be put in his place.

    “That a boys and girls” to the board members that have figured this out!

  11. Commissar Yensen given the boot.


    Hip Hip Hooray!

    A victory for Freedom, Decency and Good!

    A loss for the overfed little tyrant Jacko!

  12. The Board should have picked the HR Committee at the last meeting.

    Jacko knew that the Board would never approve Paula Yensen, but they played right into his hands by sending the matter back to the Committee on Committees.

    That means at least another month of no HR Committee, and it will make it that much harder for the Board to fire his two new flunkies.

  13. Please call the 10 County Board Members whose vote on the H & R appointment allowed Franks, n/k/a Elvis, to bury this by sending this “back to the Committee.”

    Franks/Elvis will keep it there as long as he can.

    Clock ticking and $$$$$ (of our money) wasted.

    Taxpayers deserve their explanation.

  14. Yvonne Barnes was right.

    What are these other board members thinking?

    I think SEMPER FIs advice is pertinent.

    The meetings are run poorly and drag on way too long – By Design!!! and board members are being worn down.

    If you’re too tired to lead, at least know who to follow.

    In this case, it would have been Yvonne Barnes.

  15. I have not yet been able to obtain the roll call votes in question.

  16. It appears as tho voice votes are the most transparent. No wonder the White Haired Elvis (Franks) wants electronic voting.

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