Jim Kearns Delays Resigning from Grafton Township Supervisor Slot

It was my understanding that Grafton Township Supervisor Jim Kearns was going to resign after he was sworn on the McHenry County Board.

But, looking at the Grafton Township web site I found what you see below:

When I asked why he had not stepped down, Kearns sent me the following:

I informed the board at the December 19th Meeting that I was giving them my resignation in writing on Dec 31; effective Dec 31.

Trustees Ziller and Zirk and the entire board then asked if I would consider staying until the end of my term.

I told them no.

The entire board was concerned that they wanted the voters to select my replacement.

I then told them I would Stay no later than Feb 28th Primary which would give them a clear direction of which candidate the voters would want.

(there are only 2 Republican candidates for Supervisor unless a write in Candidate files for the April election).

Supervisor Candidates Holtorfe and Ruth were both in attendance of the Dec 19th meeting and both preferred the voters decide.

I then later agreed to stay after consulting with my family.

I fully intended to resign in December.

I have attached a copy of the Dec 19 minutes approved at last nights meeting which reflect my intentions.

I commend the Trustees for wanting a smooth transition of power letting the voters decide.

It has been an honor to serve the residents of Grafton Township as the Supervisor.

A March 1 meeting has been approved to select my replacement.


Jim Kearns Delays Resigning from Grafton Township Supervisor Slot — 10 Comments

  1. Unlike Jacko who has been replaced but still talks about Springfield and its ways!

  2. This hikes Kearns’ salary base when it comes to IMRF pension benefits, does it not?

  3. As I understand it, Jim Kearns will resign after the February Republican Primary Election.

  4. GRAFTon.

    What does Kearns actually do as Supervisor … that’s what I’d really like to know. And how much is his salary?

  5. Hats off to Mr. Kearns for speaking out against Franks during the board meeting yesterday.

    It was unexpected and I hope to hear more of it in the future.

  6. Leeeeeery, Jim got elected in 2013, a tier 2 IMRF.

    It takes 10 years to be vested to get a pension at all.

    Any payments he personally had to contribute to IMRF he will get back or can be held in the system if future participation in IMRF should occur.

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