Rauner Wants to Sell Thompson Center

From Governor Bruce Rauner:

ICYMI: Legislation Refiled to Sell Thompson Center

Selling building could net state taxpayers $220 million; generate $45 million in property taxes for the City of Chicago

The following is an excerpt of a story from Crain’s​:

Gov. Bruce Rauner and other Republican lawmakers are making a second run at selling and demolishing James R. Thompson Center in the Loop, which they say could add hundreds of millions of dollars to state and local coffers. […]

This time around, the state’s Department of Central Management Services is providing specific estimates of how much a sale of Thompson Center would boost the state’s finances. A sale would generate potential net proceeds of $220 million and would prevent the state from addressing $326 million in deferred maintenance on the building, according to CMS. […]

A sale and redevelopment of Thompson Center also would generate transfer taxes and future property taxes for local government, (House Minority Leader Jim) Durkin said.


Rauner Wants to Sell Thompson Center — 4 Comments

  1. This building is a white elephant with many structural problems and design deficiencies
    due to a very poor architectural planning and not worth the cost of repair,
    a taxpayer ripoff when built.

    Better of demolishing it a constructing a new building from the ground up.

  2. Honest Abe, I agree with everything you said.

    I would also add we do not want anything with Jim Thompson’s name on it.

    I hope his true history comes out.

  3. I used to board the el train in that building just about every day.

    It was a leaky, smelly dump.

    It’s entirely appropriate that the building was named after Jim Thompson.

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