ABC’s Charles Thomas Interviews Trump Supporters in Crystal Lake

Donald Trump takes the oath of office.

Watch Channel 7 tonight and you might see interviews from a Donald Trump Inaugural Party at Pablo’s Mexican Restaurant.

Experienced political reporter Charles Thomas and a cameraman drove northwest for the story.

And the trip to Crystal Lake may have been because of McHenry County Blog’s article about Algonquin Township Trustee candidate Rachael Lawrence’s fundraiser.

From what Lawrence told me, someone from ABC was looking for a Trump Inaugural Party and found hers.

Not many others, apparently.

Some of the guests at Rachael Lawrence’s Donald Trump Inauguration Party.

That McHenry County is the only metropolitan county to have voted for Trump, as reporter Charles Thomas pointed out to me, might have helped, too.

What makes McHenry County so different?

Crystal Lake High School Board candidate John Pletz being interviews by ABC reporter Charles Thomas.

I saw cameras and lights pointed at

  • High School District 155 candidate John Pletz,
  • Algonquin Township Highway Commissioner candidate Andrew Gasser and
  • Algonquin Township Trustee candidate Rachael Lawrence.

Charles Thomas watched Donald Trump’s Inaugural speech.

We’ll see who ends up on the cutting room floor.

When our new President was talking about the forgotten people of American, I am sure most were thinking of Rust Belt white folks.

I was thinking of blacks in the inner cities.

I’ve lived here since 1958, with time off for college in Ohio and Michigan, plus a job for the better part of a year in the Executive Office of the President’s Budget Bureau during the Lyndon Johnson years.

In those decades of inner city youth have never gotten a decent education in Chicago.

Democrats have to take the blame for that and not being able to curb crime on the streets.

Trump gave a speech in Detroit in which he seemed to pledge remedial action.

Re-enforcing the possibility of improving inner cities is Newt Gingrich’s having the ear of the President.

Thomas told me that black unemployment is higher in Illinois than in any other state.

There is really no where to go but up.


ABC’s Charles Thomas Interviews Trump Supporters in Crystal Lake — 14 Comments

  1. Relative to the Inauguration speech, which union will be the first to go on strike?

  2. Our first ever totally foreign FIRST LADY looked flawless and so ladylike.


    Felt so good to usher in another First!

    The first non-politician who threw his hat in the ring and prevailed!

    God Bless America!

    and Drain the Swamp!

  3. Martha, are you seeing things?

    Mr. Gasser is not even in any of these photos.

  4. Someone has a crush on Andrew Gasser and her pseudo name is ‘Martha’.

    She longs for his attention so bad but can’t get it.

    You’re not worthy of him.

    Move on “Martha”

    You’re pathetic.

  5. Finally…..A President with common sense…

    Love a man with a plan !

    Congratulations President Trump…

  6. Congrats to President Trump and the best part is that he was not chosen by the Party, Trump was chosen by ” The People ”

    Maybe Franks wouldn’t have won if there was a better choice made by the Republican Party.

  7. Voter: ‘The Party’ did not choose who ran against Franks – the voters did.

    ‘The Party’ did support the voter’s choice after the primary but the voters chose the “Little Liar”.

  8. Trump torched the rats Bush the Lesser, Clinton, the Witch and Obama big time with his GREAT SPEECH.
    Sweet Michelle made faces throughout the speech ….. Her husband closed his eyes.

  9. For the sake of clarity, I just want to comment on this quote.

    “From what Lawrence told me, someone from ABC was looking for a Trump Inaugural Party and found hers.”

    I got a message from a fellow Rep. asking me to call an ABC phone number regarding Inaugural Parties.

    They then asked permission to attend and we obliged.

    I don’t know that they “found” it before I called.

    It’s of little if any importance, but I like to be factual, no matter how inconsequential.


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