Nunda Holding Candidates Night Jan. 31st

The Nunda Township Republican Party is hosting a candidates’ night for its many candidates.

The details are contained below in this communication from Party Secretary Nancy Gonsiorek:

Coordinated signs for the slate of Republican candidates consisting of Cate Williams, Mark Dzemske, Eric Dowd, Rob Parrish, Mike Shorten and Tim Parrish have appeared.

It is great news that the April consolidated election will include a wealth of candidates interested in serving in Nunda Township.

For this reason, the Nunda Township Republican Central Committee has scheduled a Candidate Forum.

Tuesday, January 31
7:00 pm
American Community Bank
The Community Room on the lower level
1500 South Route 31
McHenry, IL 60050

Three of the candidates of the opposing slate, Lee Jennings, Mike Lesperance and Justin Franzke also have signs up.

Please save the date as this will be an important opportunity to meet the candidates.  This is also an opportunity for candidates to connect with precinct committeemen and disseminate campaign materials.

  • Candidates for Nunda Township Supervisor, Highway Commissioner, Assessor, and Trustee will have an opportunity to make a brief statement.
  • A moderator will preside over the event.  Written questions from the audience will be accepted at the beginning of the event and will be addressed as time permits.
  • There will be a table for candidates to set out literature.  Please do not bring 4x4s into the building.

We held our 2013 forum at the same venue.  The space is more than adequate but parking can be a bit tight – especially if there has been a lot of snow.  We encourage you to carpool if possible.

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Looked for a sign for unaligned Supervisor candidate Mike Walkup, but he has apparently not put his out yet.


Nunda Holding Candidates Night Jan. 31st — 9 Comments

  1. There are two Republican slates.

    Mike Walkup is not aligned with either, it seems.

  2. I am wondering if Mike Lesperance can put together a sentence let along communicate a “brief statement”.

    He promised in his last election to communicate.

    He can’t return an email, phone call, or speak the press.

    Total fool.

  3. ‘Iron’ Mike’s election promises rusted away to nothingness.


    Go DOWD!!!!!


    What else do you need?

  5. But Swordfish, iron Mike just looooves Bob Miller *NWH Letter to the Editor
    Maybe that’s a scratch a back moment in the township highway world.

  6. I’m sure Mike Walkup will put out his signs as soon as he overcomes his often-stated “allergy to ink” or whatever it is…

  7. Let’s not forget the 20k of your tax dollars Iron Mike spent on the ditch on Garden Lane….

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