Robo-Call Attacks Andrew Gasser on Tax Referendum Vote

Bob Miller

Andrew Gasser

It’s robo-call attack time in the Algonquin Township Highway Commissioner’s contest being held on February 28th.

First out of the box were supporters of long-time incumbent Bob Miller.

The attack is on the signature issue of opponent, McHenry County Board member Andrew Gasser.

Putting an opponent on the defensive is always a good idea.

Here’s the text of the call:

Good afternoon. This is Bryan.

I’m calling you about the February 28th primary elections. Andrew Gasser, a candidate for Road Commissioner, has some explaining to do. He talks “Talking about” lowering taxes yet just last week, as a county board member, he voted against putting a property tax freeze question on the ballot.

State Rep David McSweeney Said he was “Extremely Disappointed” with the vote” and that it was a setback for property tax relief.

State Rep Allen Skillicorn called the vote “embarrassing”.

Maybe this bid for Highway Commissioner is just another government job for Andy. However, my neighbor and friend Bob Miller is doing a great job, he has cut the tax levy 10% this year and actually does what his opponent only talks about. I hope you join me in voting for Bob Miller for Highway commissioner.

Press 1 option. Removal option.

Paid for By P.S.A.G.

Gasser was the one who got signatures to put similar referendums on the ballot in Cary and Fox River Grove. Both passed by about 90%.


Robo-Call Attacks Andrew Gasser on Tax Referendum Vote — 11 Comments

  1. Kind of political nonsense, payback is rampant in politics.

    His lack of qualifications is the real issue.

  2. Go Andrew, Go!!

    Need fresh eyes(and blood)in this township.

    I hope voters see through all the rhetoric and clean house.

  3. LOL what did Bob Miller ever do to cut taxes?

    NOTHING until he was challenged by Andrew Gasser!!

    Andrew has worked with NASA and Congress, and the County Board.

    I’m sure he’s already way way ahead of Bob when he took that job!

    And Andrew inherently has the Taxpayers in mind.

    He’ll do the Township proud.


    (Algonquin Township!)

  4. So what they’re not telling you is – Referendums cost money to put on the ballot.

    Why put ‘advisory’ or non-binding referendums on the ballot, especially since the last election had voters telling the board that we already know taxes are too high.

    Craig Wilcox and Andrew Gasser already explained that at the county board meeting last week.

    They said “Make it binding and we’ll vote for it”

    Paid for by P SAG.

    LOL if that isn’t a sign that Miller is a product of nepotism and establishment I don’t know what is!

    Time for fresh eyes, indeed!


    The gas bag who is a gasser is such a looser!

    We do not want the smelly gas bag gasser.

    Gas bag gasser is all about himself and shows his true colors with this vote.

    Gas bag gasser does not support our sheriff either!

    Gas bag gasser lives in mommys basement.

    Make sure everyone knows about gasser who is a gas bag.

  6. It is most hypocritical of Gasser to tell the newspaper the people of Cary and Fox River Grove how important it was to get his ballot question on the November ballot , which by the way doesn’t add any cost to an election what so ever.

    Now because he is only interested in his own self promotion he votes against it so Andrew make up your mind .

  7. The proposal to put the referendum on the ballot would have gone through with no problem if Franks had gone through the proper committee.

    The BS story that Franks told about coming up with the idea on his drive back from Springfield was nothing but a ruse.

    He was trying to manufacture an emergency that would justify bypassing the committee process.

    That was the whole point of this exercise; he wanted to set a precedent allowing him to bypass the committee(s) when he wants to.

    In his mind he’s not the Chairman, he’s the County Executive, and he shouldn’t be burdened by any red tape.

    Franks doesn’t really want to cut taxes anyways, he just wants to own the issue.

    If the County really cut taxes, there would be no money to create jobs for his former campaign workers or hire a private practice lawyer to serve as his personal parliamentarian.

  8. Ask the “little liar” what programs / county spending on social services he wants to reduce to pay for his two new minions, PERSONAL parliamentarian and the screens added to the Board room to display BS?

    Is he planning to propose reductions for Senior Services?

    Is he planning to propose reductions for tax payer funded health programs?

    Is he planning to propose reductions to highway spending?

    Oh, I forgot, he supported the freeze on highway funds to pay back his supporters at Local 150 and the payback the fireman who came to the last meeting to push for continued support of Prevailing Wage which is helping to bankrupt ALL units of government in this State.

    Will he push the Sheriff to reduce spending crime prevention?

    Will he push the States Attorney to reduce spending on programs to reduce recidivism?

    Will he push the Clerk to reduce spending on cleaning up the Voters Registration lists?

    You get the idea.

  9. The very last thing we need is another advisory referendum of any sort, go for the real deal or go home

  10. Robert Miller,
    Nepotism gone rampant. Time to clean house. Hiring family and friends in a slap in the face to ALL voters in Algonquin township.

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