On Tax Cutting – Symbolism vs. Saving Real Money

Andrew Nelms

The IAmericans for Prosperity’s Andrew Nelms was in Woodstock Tuesday night for the McHenry County Board meeting.

He came to promote putting one of three referendums which Chairman Jack Franks said he was going to put on the agenda.

When did he tell County Board members?

At the end of the Thursday Committee of the Whole meeting.

Since monthly Committee of the Whole meetings are a Jack Frank’s innovation, let me explain how he explained how they would work.

He said that is the time when Board members would be able to discuss issues coming up in the Tuesday Board meetings.

But, Franks allowed no discussion on his referendum ideas at the CoW meeting, where the just-out-of-office Franks said occurred to him on his last ride home from Springfield.

I understand the importance of symbolism, but I prefer something that does not disappear as one approaches it–something that is not a mirage.

There is a real tax cut that would keep money in people’s pockets when tax bills come out after the April elections.

Craig Wilcox

It was proposed by District 4 County Board member Craig Wilcox, but before he was even on the County Board, at the post-election November meeting, Wilcox made public comment about the excessive surplus in the County’s nursing home fund.

At the same meeting that Franks put an $80,000 property tax hike on the agenda (without reference to committee, because he cancelled them all), Wilcox did his best to amend the tax hike ordinance to abate the Valley Hi levy, which the previous all-Republican County Board approved.

Franks would not allow the amendment, ruling it out of order, saying that its consideration would violate the Open Meetings Act because the public did not receive two days notice.

I’m hoping that the Americans for Prosperity will step beyond symbolism and use its influence with Jack Franks to allow a vote on the Wilcox tax cut proposal.


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  1. Never play Monopoly with Franks.

    This guy is a blowhard that will try to change the rules of the game after it has started.

    This guy is an embarassment to the voters that glibly chose that name on their ballots.

    Now he is a huge embarassment to the whole county board.

    In my opinion, he is a perfect example of a worthless human being that only does things to hurt others.

    Everyone in this county had better pray daily that this demonic attack is bound and fettered before we lose our county completely.

  2. You have to be kidding Cindy.

    Franks is doing what should have been done for a long time.

    County Board members have been going along to get along for a very long time.

    Finally we have someone who is going to hold them accountable because the voters dont know any better and keep vomiting (voting) the same stuff each election.


  3. An Advisory Referendum such as this can be an effective tool.. It can be much more than just “symbolism”, but, only when used correctly. Which, I believe, is taxpayers using this tool directing their effort at a specific taxing body!

    The residents of Lakewood, have had a specific dialogue with our village board – before and after our Advisory Referendum was voted on at the ballot box. And most residents will tell you that ours is a board that has continually done as they pleased, regardless of residents input.

    Can it village Board now disregard the 92% of voters that specifically told them not to raise taxes without their vote?

    Sure they can.

    But, in Lakewood elected officials know, unequivocally, that those voters are watching THEM and that they WILL be held accountable!

    That absolutely gives it referendum the “teeth” that many say Advisory Referenda do not have.

    That is an effective use of this tool, because, I believe, it is the intended use of this tool.

    Now, to use this tool, generically, spreading it across hundreds of taxing bodies without directing it specifically, and it absolutely loses its effectiveness. Their isnt nearly the sense of accountability…

    Think of a group of people at an accident scene. An off duty paramedic tends to a victim and yells “Somebody call 911″…

    It’s assumed someone will, but no one does..

    Who is to blame?

    Who is to be held accountable for this inaction?

    Another scenario, same scene, off duty paramedic arrives on scene, tends to a victim, and looks at YOU and asks: Do YOU have a cell phone?” You answer, YES. He then directs YOU to ” call 911 and tell them to send an ambulance.”

    Now, YOU don’t have to do it… No one can force you to, but, you are sort of accountable now, knowing it’s on you and everyone is watching you…

    The difference is in the direct accountability!

    Lakewood will assuredly respect the Advisory Tax Freeze Referendum that passed in our village…

  4. And that explains why Jack Franks allowed an $80,000 tax increase in the first meeting for which he set the agenda, right?

  5. Let’s start with the first six words of this article:

    “The Illinois Policy Institute’s Andrew Nelms…”

    Mr Nelms does not now and has never worked for the Illinois Policy Institute.

    -Michael Lucci, who works at Illinois Policy Institute

  6. Per the Illinois Policy Institute, Mr. Nelms has never worked for IPI.

  7. BUT……. Let’s not lose sight of the fact that it was the “Republican” board members that voted that tax increase into effect.

  8. Jack Madigan, Michael Franks, six of one, 1/2 dozen of another.

    Former State Representative Jack Franks is bringing to the McHenry County Board some of the same rules, tactics, and strategies he observed Michael Madigan implementing in the State House.

    The Illinois Policy Institute just released a report about some of the House rules that Michael Madigam utilizes, and they proposed alternatives to those rules.

    The article is title, “It is Time to Reform Madigan’s Rules” by Joe Tabor, dated January 23, 2017.

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