Chuck Lutzow Makes Robo-Call

Tuesday night, Algonquin Township Supervisor candidate Chuck Lutzow made a robo-call Wednesday night.

Here’s what was said:

Chuck Lutzow

Hi, this is Darlene.I’m calling to ask for your support for Charles Lutzow.

Chuck is running for Algonquin Township Supervisor.

He a local business owner who is a pro-family conservative Republican and does not make his living as a politician.

If you would like to support our campaign by displaying a yard sign for Chuck please press 2 now.

We would also like to give you the ability to opt out of future calls by pressing 5.

This call was paid for by Citizens for Lutzow.


Chuck Lutzow Makes Robo-Call — 4 Comments

  1. Well would Chuck like to make a living as a politician?

    He should consider starting a blog them.


  2. Most people that have jobs do not have the time to fiddle with blogs.

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