Not a Good Day for Metra

Crystal Lake Metra Station. File photo.

First a car hit a Metra train near Chicago and a passenger was killed.

Now word is that a train hit a passenger at Crystal Lake’s Downtown Station.

A Flight for Life was reported called, but cancelled.

Crystal Lake Police distributed the following message:

Advisory: Until further notice, please avoid the downtown Crystal Lake Metra Station due to an accident.

Please avoid the downtown Crystal Lake train station until further notice. Certain streets (Main St., Gates St) near the train station are also closed for motor vehicle traffic.

****Metra trains to and from Crystal Lake are on delay until the area is cleared.


Not a Good Day for Metra — 2 Comments

  1. I wish these people would just pack up and leave to get away from this horrid state instead of going this Route its getting REAL OLD!

  2. It’s the engineers who have to live with this that have
    my sympathy and respect. I hope that they can make it
    to retirement in one piece psychologically.

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