Illinois Becoming an Island — 4 Comments

  1. NO !

    The answer to this problem, as others have already discovered,
    is to abandon Illinois.

    This solution works 100% every time.

  2. I sell half a million dollar homes in Fontana WI. 15 min from the boarder.

    In the past my buyers from Il. were people looking for a summer home (2nd home) now I hear the same song from my last 6 buyers from Il.

    Are making it a permanent move because of the taxes…

    2 buyers work in downtown Chicago and they just drive to Harvard and take the Train to the City.

    These are Upper Middle Class tax payers that spend a good amount of money on lots of things some buying new cars every year or every other year and now not only are we loosing them and their property tax dollars but also Sales Tax Dollars on those big purchases as well.

    Soon Illinois will have the Uber Wealthy people who can afford to pay Crazy taxes and the Super Poor people who the state of Illinois pays their Home, Food, Heat, and Electric.

    The Middle class of people that don’t get out in time will find themselves becoming part of the “SP” real soon if something doesn’t change…

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